1. clasione

    ccTLD Super Deal - Generic Single Commercial Term :

    Just renewed, Expires April 2019 First $950 Takes it. PayPal OK for long time DNFers Estibot: $4,400!!
  2. Provider - what happens if you sell your soul?

    if you sold your soul to the devil can you get it back! $1,500
  3. clasione

    Offers Wanted - Generic Single Word

    Anyone still investing in .net domains? Here is one for you: EstiBot Value: $ 17,000 USD Taking offers. Broad Match - murder Monthly Searches: 20,418,000 Average Monthly Search Stats - Exact Match - [murder] Monthly Searches: 74,415
  4. moredomains

    Offers Wanted CLOSED

  5. Provider

    Fixed Price

    Domain name for sale. Fixed price: US$500
  6. Compassion

    Fixed Price - Generic Dictionary Word

    Yours for $500 paypal
  7. BuzzNames

    Offers Wanted - 12 Year Old Brandale Generic Domain - On sale for the next 6 days with a $1 reserve.. Come join Us! Creation Date: 2004-12-18 Expiry Date: 2016-12-18 12 Years Aged Over a decade Category: Fitness, Fights, Film, Games, Apps, Television, Movie, MMA, Boxing, WWE, Ghetto Fights, Videos, Promos and more possibilities that...
  8. mvl

    Offers Wanted Selling cheap, 10 year old generic .com: Regged since 2006 currently @moniker can be transferred away start your offers in thread at just $10 (!) bitcoin equivalent accepted!
  9. Moody

    Offers Wanted Nile.NET - Generic single word premium domain

    I have the domain name "Nile.NET" available if you would like to own it. Please let us know if you are interested. The domain is up for sale and open to reasonable and serious offers. Features: - Single word name on an excellent extension ".net" - Many people are named "Nile" in the world. Some...
  10. H

    Offers Wanted Premium .NET domains

    Taking offers on these domains: Thank you, Hsena
  11. Provider

    Fixed Price

    Domain name for sale. Registrar: Asking price $1,500.
  12. Provider

    Offers Wanted

    Domain name for sale. Looking for offers.
  13. Compassion

    Fixed Price

    Aged & Generic Priced to sell today...$195. Paypal Payment within 12 hours of sale. Price valid 24 hours. No offers please, price is almost too good to be true. Uniregistry July 2017
  14. W

    Fixed Price etc GoDaddy starts @20$ ( Many domains for sale) 120$ 120$ 220$ 210$ 110$ 120$ 160$ 60$ 50$ 20$ 35$ 40$ 40$ ABBS.CO 100$ 20$ 230$...
  15. W

    It was purchased for investment purposes.
  16. AlmightyNinja

    Auctions @ Flippa - 110,000 Exact Google Monthly Searches - No Reserve - AUCTION LINK no reserve One of the most recognized keywords you could ever wish for if you are setting up a viral website - be it a blog, funny fails, images, fail videos, ... you can cover it all with this generic, 1 word domain name 9 days left! Only 6 days left on this great...
  17. Compassion With Traffic, Revenue And Upside A generic jewel earning revenue So far only one platform has been tried with a couple of different keywords. May do much better on another platform Traffic trend is increasing in recent weeks Most recent period (appx 2 months) 694 visitors 1,514 page views 1,212 searches...