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  1. accurate

    news GoDaddy data breach exposes information from over 1 million people

  2. accurate

    question How can I tell when GoDaddy Auctions Member Listings have a Reserve Price?

    I'm looking at a few Member Listings in GoDaddy Auctions. How can I tell if these auctions have a reserve price? Will the bidding indicate the bidders or my bids have not hit the reserve price?
  3. amplify

    news GoDaddy welcomes four porn TLDs

    ...as if we needed more than 1 of the most descriptive, .xxx... The four gTLDs that can now be registered on GoDaddy are: .xxx, .porn, .adult, and .sex. The oldest, .xxx, was launched in 2011. It has the greatest number of registrations at 55,000 domains. The second most used adult top-level...
  4. A

    appraise Please Appraise => ForexSignal.me

    Dear Members, Can you please appraise my domain name => ForexSignal.me I am planning to sell it. Regards, Arun Rathi
  5. A

    appraise Please Appraise: JoggersShoes.com

    Dear Members, I am new to domaining. Please share your opinion about JoggersShoes.com as domain for flipping and which site will be the best one to sell it.
  6. A

    appraise Why Estibot Appraised dachshund .IN Domain Name for $6300? Is it worthy?

    Well, I recently searching for a domain name using Famous dog breeds in different extension. I found few and bought few. BUT, out of all ESTIBOT appraised: Dachshund.in for $6300 ??? Where other for not even$300... What do you this why this happened and what could be the value of this...
  7. L

    opinion GoDaddy Maneuvers = Dangerous President

    First to be clear, I don't care for Frank Schilling. I wouldn't give him the time of day. I feel he bashed and discredited nTLD more than anything, whist he owned some of the best and most early TLDS. He was more harmful than help, and totally greedy. That brings me to the unreasonable price...
  8. accurate

    Has GoDaddy's New Auction Rules Messed Up Your Closeout Buys?

    I feel like GoDaddy's new auction rules is totally ruining my closeouts buys. Anyone else experiencing this too?
  9. S

    .com ParadiseOfBliss(.)com

    If you're interested buy it now from godaddy.com paypal only! $95
  10. amplify

    news GoDaddy's NameFind uses expired SSL certificate; should white-label

    NameFind.com is operating on an expired SSL certificate issued by GoDaddy SSL certificate was valid from 11/30/2017 to 11/30/2020 NameFind is running on WordPress The website should white-label or drop its insecure WordPress installation for its own platform NameFind, a subsidiary of GoDaddy...
  11. Z

    .com Eurox.Com Auction @SEDO - No Reserve

    Domain: Eurox.Com Registered On:1996 Expires On:2020 Auction Link :https://sedo.com/search/details/?partnerid=14458&language=fr&domain=eurox.com&origin=parking&utm_medium=Parking&utm_campaign=template&utm_source=1029
  12. clasione

    news Godaddy Aftermarket Sales Soar After Own Split Tests, Conversion Optimization

    After seeing great results in its split test, GoDaddy has completely dropped the old design in favor of the new design. GoDaddy GM & VP of Aftermarket Paul Nicks shared data with me showing how much better the new design has worked... See the screenshots, get the numbers at DomainNameWire.com...
  13. R

    auctions 270002.com - videolari.com - greenfemale.com - dispatchio.com + 17 domains Godaddy Auction

    Domain : 270002.com Registration Date:2015-01-08 Expiration Date:2020-01-08 Auction Link : https://uk.auctions.godaddy.com/trpItemListing.aspx?&miid=239510313 Domain : centrpress.com Registration Date:2012-06-16 Expiration Date:2017-06-16 Auction Link ...
  14. me100rabh

    auctions RiseFunding.com - Auction live on Godaddy

    RiseFunding.com <== Awesome Crowd funding domain. Brandable .com domains. Ideal domain to start crowd funding business. Auction will end on 15th September 2017. No reserve. Please bid here now: Bid Now
  15. accurate

    news Godaddy drops Support for ALL Uniregistry TLDs

    What other registrars will stop carrying new gTLDs?
  16. R

    auctions z6b.com - Sril.NET - talkingfree.com - directenter.com - datasondaj.com ; Godaddy Auction

    Domain : z6b.com Registration Date:2004-01-02 Expiration Date:2018-01-02 Auction Link : https://auctions.godaddy.com/trpItemListing.aspx?&miid=234344930 Domain : TALKINGFREE.com Registration Date:2011-06-23 Expiration Date:2018-06-23 Auction Link ...
  17. T

    Godaddy is suppose to close Cloud Hosting ?

    Hello, Came across a post with godaddy update that they are closing cloud web hosting services by the end of 2017 , got reference from : https://blog.webhost.uk.net/godaddy-cloud-hosting-closed-need-godaddy-alternative.html is that true.
  18. D

    auctions 088722.com at GoDaddy - No Reserve

    088722.com on auction at GoDaddy. No reserve. Auction ends 2017/05/28 01:37 PM (PDT) Domain registered at GoDaddy.
  19. G

    auctions IndoorSecurity.com - premium name on Godaddy now!!!

    IndoorSecurity.com Go bid on this premium domain: home security, security alarm - huge market and potential https://auctions.godaddy.com/trpItemListing.aspx?miid=226008846
  20. Domain Investor

    auctions QXU.COM - GoDaddy Auction

    https://auctions.godaddy.com/trpItemListing.aspx?src=dpp&miid=220086017 Domain Detail Bids/Offers: 4 Status: Open Age: – Auction Ends: 2017/03/01 01:06 PM (PST) Views: 45 Traffic: – Valuation: – Lower Case: q x u . c o m Upper Case: Q X U . C O M Category: Acronyms - 3 Characters Description...
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