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  1. Domain Author

    godaddy Godaddy Ceo Bob Parsons Ranked 343 On Forbes 400 List 2014

    Forbes 400 list for the year 2014 was revealed a week ago. GoDaddy founder Bob Parsons is once again listed amongst the wealthiest individuals in the United States. In this year’s list, Bob Parsons ranks #343, with an estimated net worth of $1.9 billion. Most of his wealth was earned as a result...
  2. Domain Author

    $0.99 Godaddy Coupon Codes

    gofd1003xx gofd4004ha gofdbs026 gofdbs024 gofdbs027 gofdbs021 gofdbs023 gofdb097 gofdb094
  3. BladeMaster

    fixed price Vlfv.com | Ukgz.com | Keuj.com | Vtbu.com | Pbzo.com & More

    VLFV(.)COM Registered @ Godaddy Expire On 21/09/2014 7 Years Old Domain Double "V" Domain Price - $50 UKGZ(.)COM Registered @ Godaddy Expire On 09/10/2014 8 Years Old Domain "UK" Domain, UK Gaming Zone, UK Girls Zone etc Price - $75 KEUJ(.)COM Registered @ Godaddy Expire On 13/11/2014 8...
  4. J

    auctions 39983.com For Sale At Godaddy Auctions!

    Up for sale at godaddy is 39983.com a premium NNNNN.COM with great numbers. We all know quality number .coms have gone up massively in value and will likely do so in the future as well. Click here to place your bids: https://auctions.godaddy.com/trpItemListing.aspx?&miid=143356997
  5. V

    Godaddy Whois Entries

    As most determined, you can view whois search results for the respective domains registered at Godaddy . My question is whether these results come from, organic sources or produced it by other search engines? Thank you guys
  6. BladeMaster

    auctions Brandable Pronounceable Llll 4 Letter .com 8 Yrs Old, Uk Premium Ukgj.com

    Super Premium Brandable & Pronounceable Domain - UKGJ.COM Auction Link : https://flippa.com/3137766-brandable-pronounceable-llll-4-letter-com-8-yrs-old-uk-premium-ukgj-com Why It Is Premium? Starting UK Domains 8 Years Old Easy to remember Brandable Pre Buyout Domain Possible Acronyms...
  7. Rockefeller

    List Of Godaddy Promo Codes

    I am currently transferring several thousand domains to Godaddy so I'm constantly looking for new promo codes. Below I will compile a list of codes I have used in the past few weeks. I will post more as I find them. Some may or may not work for renewals but most will work for fresh regs. $1...
  8. RTM.net

    Godaddy Cjc1hosc Works For .org Renewal Us 9.15 - Ca $9.83

    I just managed to do a .org renewal at $9.83 Canadian (about $9.15 US) all included ... it's a hosting coupon it would seem, but gave a rare decent renewal rate for the .org This was in CAD from Canada and paid by PayPal. Hope it helps someone else.
  9. V

    Masked Forwarding, Buy Directly From Nic, Parked On Gd,

    I have the following problem. I have domains purchased directly from the NIC registrants.(because domains are cheaper there than on GoDaddy and another) These domains are free parked at GoDaddy (Have Premium Account). I can forward these domains only to existing folders in my Godday hosting...
  10. ansarph

    auctions Mymedishop.com

    Mymedishop.com Auction at Godaddy https://auctions.godaddy.com/trpItemListing.aspx?&miid=136968054
  11. seotrader

    Looking For Sedo Parked Domains With Revenues

    Hello, - I'm looking for parked domains with 10$ revenues per month and a healthy traffic coming to it - The domain should be parked with SEDO or Godaddy parking Thanks
  12. ansarph

    auctions Rubyshops.com - Godaddy 7 Day Auctions - No Reserve

    Rubyshops.com - Godaddy 7 Day Auctions - No reserve https://in.auctions.godaddy.com/trpItemListing.aspx?miid=136611010
  13. ansarph

    auctions Nnnnn.com Godaddy Auction Ends Today

    30594.com Auction Ends Today https://auctions.godaddy.com/trpItemListing.aspx?&miid=133853743
  14. J

    auctions Egoboost.com For Sale At Godaddy. Bought For $3k Years Ago!

    Hi guys for a limited time this awesome brandable domain name is at godaddy auctions and will sell as the reserve has already been hit with 5 days to go. Here is the auction which at the time of posting is at $500 - https://auctions.godaddy.com/trpItemListing.aspx?&miid=134830468 It is 14...
  15. maximilian.domain

    How Make Auction Popular On Go Daddy

    Hey! I'm quite new to domaining, my question is: how is it possible to make your more popular? Is this auction upgrade really helping? What else could i do? Thanks in advance, Regards, Maximilian
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