1. K

    .COM - Got 301 000 searching(USA) /month

    Benefits of : is short, very descriptive, and could be used for your main site or for one to complement it. The term "Crunches fitness" got more than 300 000 searches in the month in the USA on Google search. Its Excellent Premium Domain name...
  2. dancarl

    Developed Ecomm Site

    Hi I have a woocommerce website up and running. Typical story I bought it, had all these dreams of building it up, but just have to many commitments on the table and cannot and did not do anything except keep the site up. A good fitness/health website name, built with wordpress and ...
  3. zpattern

    Sold - Brandable Two Word .com Domain Name *NO RESERVE* Expires: January 28, 2020 GoDaddy Appraisal: $1,258 Registrar: Will only be pushed into your NameSilo account. NO RESERVE If you are looking for an investment, startup a company, brand your organization, build a blog or just add traffic...
  4. A


    Looking for a domain name that starts with or ends with either JET or AIR, looking for non geographic name, price range up to 100 USD and it must be a .com. Also looking for a domain name that ends with GYM, it must be a .com and price range up to 100 USD.
  5. A

    Gym .com and wanted

    Hi folks Looking to potentially acquire 2 domains with the following criteria 1. GYM Domain name should end with the word GYM and it must be a .com, so it can be a generic or dictionary word then Gym .com (example XYZGYM.COM) BUDGET MAXIMUM 100 USD. 2. JET Domain name should either start...
  6. Asitha Goonewardena

    Auctions RUSTICBODY.COM, Business name for genuine merchandise or Automotive industry

    Great Brand name for exquisite merchandise or trade name for automotive industry. Min offer $30000. Registered at Godaddy. Visit my full domain portfolio at
  7. WorldWideWebDomains

    The owner of www.Pilates.Fitness is accepting offers for its sale.
  8. Howie Crosby $80 $80 Payment via PayPal. (48 hours after confirmation.)
  9. emaillance01 First Come First Sold- Never Marketed Before

    No gyms in the area have been called so it is fresh to market and flip quickly 125th largest city in US 187000 in population Expiration Date: 28-dec-2014 First come first says sold gets it push in godaddy firm $100!
  10. domainboysCA

    Auctions - Flippa

    CLICK HERE FOR AUCTION ON FLIPPA FitnessSupplements.NetRegistered with Enom ________ Fitness and Supplements Targeted towards a young audience this is massive $4.2 billion dollar industry. Powders, pills, muscle milk, etc. Athletes and enthusiasts seek peak performance and fast results and...
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