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  1. CupidName.com

    closed PoorHabits.com - 13 Year Old Domain Name Live Auction - NO RESERVE!

    PoorHabits.com A HUGE market for self-awareness, changes, or self-improvement. Great opportunity to own this 13-year-old domain name. Visit the auction to learn more: Visit PoorHabits.com
  2. benimalanlarim

    .com Lider360.com for sale

    Domain Name : lider360.com Registration Date : 2021-08-22 End Date : 2022-08-22 Registrar : Sav.com, LLC Transfer Fee: Free within the company Price : Bid Method: ($) Make an Offer!
  3. durenmingok

    discussion When your cash flow is hard

    Hello everyone wish you all good A friend recently had a problem: He owned a lot of domain names.Every year he pays a hefty fee for these names.Some time ago, he had a problem with his cash flow and asked me if there was a platform where he could quickly cash in on the domain name. Can you...
  4. S


    How do I create an A subdomain? I have a main domain suleg.org pointing to its server and I want to set up my subdomain (blog.suleg.org) pointing to a dedicated server. The subdomain host condition is to set up an A record type.
  5. ForexAnalytics

    Help sell my Domains + Earn up to 40% Commission…..

    Help sell my Domains + Earn up to 40% Commission….. Here’s the deal – I have a couple of hundred Crypto / Finance / Eco / “Individual” Domains to sell and I need some help. They vary from being worth a couple of hundred bucks to a five figure sum. I acquired the Domains in taking over a...
  6. RobM

    Self Improvement / Self Help

    Looking for a self-help/self-improvement domain WITH traffic. .com or .org That means I do NOT want newly registered domains or domains WITHOUT traffic or domains that AREN'T .com or .org. Please PM me domain, traffic details and price. I will only respond to people who fulfil the criteria...
  7. B

    Help! My domain name sme.com got stolen at enom central

    My domain name SME.COM registered at enomcentral.com got stolen. The expiration date was 10/23/2017 and today I just checked and found that it has been stolen and moved to 1and1. What should I do now? Please help ASAP. I have hundred of domain names with enom for over 10 years and never got...
  8. J

    moniker Need help from Moniker rep asap! Authorization code error!

    Hello, For the past four days I have been trying to get an authorization code for transferring one of my domains from Moniker to another registrar. In the control panel I have clicked on the button "Request authcode via email" and the button has changed to the following message: "The authcode...
  9. helmuc

    please help me to find the owner of this domain :)

    [NSFW Warning] hi, there is this adult webpage on <tblop(dot)com> and I'm curious who's the owner.. have you got domainiq account and could you please check it? :) thank you, Helmuts
  10. M

    appraise Please Help me on vlcplayerdownload.com Appraisal

    Hi everybody, I have check the value of my domain vlcplayerdownload.com on EstiBot and DomainIndex and found it 5.7K and 30.5K respectivly, I know that automatic appraisals are not giving the write value, so I need help from domain experts to tell me their opinion on my domain value.
  11. pyogi

    Need help with selling domains

    I have built a small portfolio of good domain names; now I want to sell them. I have listed them on Godaddy Auctions, Afternic, Sedo, Brandbucket & Flippa with their custom sales page for some time now. Till now I have not made a single sale. The only success I had is few domains were...
  12. thethemes

    Help with Japanese, and Chinese for site.

    I need help to get English to Japanese ( Facebook Likes ) English to Chinese ( Facebook Likes ) It´s for my site www.likebot.org If anyone can help me i will help in anyway i can please :) Google translate dont work, like always,, lol
  13. robertsz

    What should I do with my event URL? Please help

    Hello. I run an annual conference in conjunction with my main website. I own the .com of my conference name which I like better then using a longer url where the information is house on my site. I like housing all of the conference information on my main site for the extra traffic it brings. Am...
  14. S

    Need a Broker To Help me with Sale of 100 Plus Domains

    I request help from professional Domain Brokers to help me with the sale of 100 plus High Quality domains (mostly .com). Thanks.
  15. J

    fixed price Thehelpless.com now for sale |$169| EstiBot valuation of $1200

    Good investment for anyone who wants to track down an end user or sell to the highest bidder. For sale on the Sedo Marketplace, please follow the link below: https://sedo.com/search/details.php4?domain=thehelpless.com&trackingRequestId=120481704&language=us&origin=search
  16. Bravo

    offers HelpFamily,com | 12 years old

    HelpFamily,com Created in 2003 Accepting offers
  17. N

    intro Did I hit the lottery?

    Hi everyone, thanks for the forum. I have a question of course, I'm sure all newbies do. I have been the owner of a few domains since 2012. I had a business idea I never got off the ground other then the purchase of some related domain names. I was recently contacted by a company wanting to know...
  18. xaster

    Linkbuilding Help

    Hi All, I have recently re-designed my portfolio site to add new functionality and some more design flair. Feel free to check it out at oydomains.com. Since launching the site back in 2013, I have never received that much traffic, despite producing a lot of content (as you can see in my blog/...
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