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  1. nubuck

    Offers Wanted HIGH VALUE DOMAINS (MDPH.COM Estibot $164,000) Sue.info (DVDRelease.com) TVLCD.COM ( $200,000 + Estibot Value)

    List of High Estibot Value Names (Some with Traffic) RTLNOW.COM (Estibot $137,000) High value Traffic = 2,914 Visitors, 578 Clicks and $ 23.47 Revenue 20.34 % CTR _________________________________________________________ Friv.tv (Estibot $230,000) Exact Searches Keyword [friv] Monthly...
  2. nubuck

    Offers Wanted Sexis.com (Traffic Domain, Since 1998)

    Sexis.com - Estibot $ 16,000 - Since 1998 -141 Million Google Search Results - Traffic from April 1st- April 10th on Sedo.com = 384 visitors (187 Clicks) - Category Domain - All major Extensions Taken Searches Keyword Sexis Monthly Searches 1,550,000 Cost per Click $ .41 Type-in...
  3. nubuck

    Offers Wanted Stateinspection.com (Estibot $ 43,000)

    StateInspection.com (Priced To Sell) - Estibot $ 43,000 - Since 2001 -893 Million Google Search Results - Category Domain - All major Extensions Taken Broad Searches Keyword retard Monthly Searches 165,000 Cost per Click $3.01 Exact Searches Keyword [retard] Monthly Searches 18,100...
  4. nubuck

    Offers Wanted VideoPorn.net ( 3,977 Visitors Last 14 days) Since 1997

    VideoPorn.net Last 14 days Traffic = 3,977 Visitors We just received the domain Traffic from October 27h-- Nov. 9th= 3,997 (Screenshot Below) Broad Searches Keyword videoporn Monthly Searches...
  5. nubuck

    Offers Wanted Hispanics.net (Since 1998)

    Hispanics.net Registered in 1998 120 Million Google Search Results Global domain Average Monthly Search Stats - hispanics Monthly Searches: 823,000 Cost Per Click: $2.17USD Data Age: Recent Hispanics.net is registered till 2019-07-23 As with any Logo or domain purchase buyer should do...
  6. nubuck

    Offers Wanted Analyst.net (Estibot $23,000) Godaddy Appraised Value over $10,000

    Analyst.net (Estibot $23,000) - High CPC - Since 2000 - 388 Million Google Search Results Broad Searches Keyword analyst Monthly Searches 7,480,000 Cost per Click $6.26 Exact Searches Keyword [analyst] Monthly Searches 60,500 Cost per Click $5.90 Domain is Registered till 2/23/2020 As...
  7. nubuck

    Offers Wanted CHAUFFER.COM (Estibot $ 116,000 ! (HAS BEEN SOLD)

    Chauffer.com (DOMAIN HAS BEEN SOLD) !! Estibot $ 116,000 One Word Exact match Domain Since 2000 (18 Years) Global Domain Searches chauffer Monthly Searches 1,220,000 Cost per Click $2.08 Don't miss out on this rare opportunity to take ownership of a Premium Domain For Questions send Private...
  8. nubuck

    ccTLD FB.CLICK (High Sedo.com Value)

    FB.CLICK (Estibot $8,000) (priced to sell) Sedo.com High Sedo.com Value Broad Searches Monthly Searches 277,000,000 Cost per Click $1.50 Ad Competition - Data Age Recent Exact Searches Monthly Searches 277,000,000 Cost per Click $12.44 Ad Competition - As with any Logo or domain purchase...
  9. nubuck

    Offers Wanted HDReceiver.com (Estibot $119,000)

    HDReceiver.com Estibot $119,000 15 years old Exact Match Domain Average Monthly Search Stats - Broad Match - hd receiver Monthly Searches: 1,875,000 Cost Per Click: $1.32 USD Ad Competition: high Data Age: Recent Average Monthly Search Stats - Exact Match - [hd receiver] Monthly Searches...
  10. M


    Bought applianceforhome.com from list of expired domains yesterday. it had a website running on it a few years back. Initially registered in 2011. But since it expired and I reregistered it, whois doesnot reflect previous data. Do u think it may have some value ?
  11. nubuck

    Offers Wanted AUSTRALIANTICKETS.COM /NET and ORG (All 3 Extensions)

    AustralianTickets.com, net and org (All 3 Extensions) Airlines Cricket Concerts Football Everything Australian Registered till 2018 Taking Offers As with any Logo or domain purchase buyer should do their own due diligence, expressly agrees that it is purchasing rights at its sole...
  12. nubuck

    Offers Wanted ANALITICS.COM

    Analitics.com (Logo Included) This represents a great investment or development opportunity for the right buyer Domain Stats : https://domainindex.com/domains/analitics.com Revenue= $18.57 - Exact Match Domain -Aged dot com - High Estibot and Domain Index Analitics.com search...
  13. nubuck

    Offers Wanted Premium Dot Nets: COPA.NET, BUCS.NET,BLACKS.NET, VESTS.NET

    Selling Premium one word dot Nets Substantial registration time remaining on all domains. Taking Offers Copa.net (Estibot $14,000) Bucs.net BLACKS.NET Estibot $15,000 Vests.net (Estibot $15,000) 916 Visitors last 15 days Tariff.net Fired.net 24g.net (Traffic Name) chores.net Silks.net...
  14. nubuck

    Developed SanFrancisco.Directory

    SanFrancisco.directory is a fully functional directory with 800+ business listings. Includes original and unique logos, Plenty of paid themes/plugins & stock photos. Highlights: 2 year old premium domain - SanFrancisco.directory Fully functional directory and ready start generating sales...
  15. nubuck

    Offers Wanted eeenn.com ( 7,360 Parking Visitors)

    5 Letter Dot Com Domain with Repeating Letters Repeating letters are in demand. Consistent Parking Traffic May 23rd - October 23rd = 7,360 Visitors Perfect for mobile devices. Don't miss out on this rare opportunity to take ownership of a great dot com domain. Taking Offers All...
  16. HelenN

    [WTB] Needing banner ads on high traffic sites

    Hi, I am wanting to buy banner ads on high traffic sites. Do you have any good sites to offer? Please PM me your links and price Thanks Helen
  17. nubuck

    Offers Wanted LandmarkRestaurant.com (PR 3 Rank) High Traffic

    LandMarkRestaurant.com PR 3 Rank Receives very good Type-in traffic plus increase in clicks There are thousands of Land Mark Restaurant Restaurants in the USA, Canada and Europe Many customers type-in this term and land on our Parking page Traffic from May 27th- Aug 18th = 2,702 visitors...
  18. nubuck

    Developed GPSEquipment.com (Since 1997)

    Gpsequipment.com was one of the first Gps names created back in 1997. (Website Created a few Years ago) This Premium Exact Match Domain is a top level domain(TLD) for this keyword phrase and industry Extremely Brandable Category Defining Name should be at the forefront of any marketing...
  19. nubuck

    Offers Wanted SOLD

  20. nubuck

    Short Domains NVU.ORG (PR 4) Domain

    NVU.ORG PR 4 Domain Estibot $14,000 - Since 2003 -Perfect for mobile devices Traffic Stats and info link: https://domainindex.com/domains/nvu.org - Registered till 2017 Previous dot org sales md.org- $555,650 diy.org- $60,000 Poker.org-$1,000,000 Date.org-$150,000...
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