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    Offers Wanted Analitics.com

    Analitics.com (Logo Included) This represents a great investment or development opportunity for the right buyer Domain Traffic: http://domainindex.com/domains/analitics.com April 28th- June 24th Screenshot #372 - Exact Match Domain -Aged dot com - High Estibot and Domain Index...
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    Offers Wanted Broke.net, Blacks.net, FIRED.NET and Perm.net (Priced To Sell)

    This represents a great investment or development opportunity for the right buyer Substantial registration time remaining on all domains. All Reasonable offers will be considered _____________________________________________________________________ Blacks.net (Logo Included) Screenshot Below -...
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    Offers Wanted B

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    Offers Wanted MailOrganizer.com (Logo Included) $78,700 Valuation, 60,500 Exact Searches, Since 2001

    MailOrganizer.com (Logo included) Category Name. E-Commerce Seeking Offers - Exact Match Domain - Registered in 2001 - $78,700 Value form Domain Index, Estibot $34,000 -High Exact Searches -A Global Domain -Registered till 2017 -All Major Extensions Taken No TM issues As with any Logo...
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    SOLD !

    SOLD !
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    Offers Wanted CRAMP.COM Since 1996, TAKING OFFERS,BIN PRICE $6,500

    Cramp.com Bought from original owner since 1996 (only one owner) Taking offers above $5,100 BIN PRICE $6,500 !! Estibot $60,000 The domain Traffic Screenshot Below Last 4 days = 122 Type-in uniques $7.35 revenue High Exact Searches and Broad Searches Registered till 2017 Taking Offers...
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    SOLD !

    Caps.org -PR3 Domain ( since 1998) Traffic Dec.22nd- Jan.8th (16 Days) = 894 Parking Uniques Average 56 visitors a day (I will email screenshot) -830,000 Exact Searches - High Estibot - DomainIndex.com Value $33,900 link: http://domainindex.com/domains/caps.org - Global Domain Previous...
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    Sogouliulanqi.com Alexa 11,066 Last 26 days received 1,240 visitors

    Seeking offers Consistent Traffic .
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    SOLD !

    SOLD !
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    Offers Wanted RicottaCheese.com. 70,000 Exact Searches

    This could be the most popular website in the world for information on Ricotta Cheese From the Food Network, Panera Bread, Whole foods This is a multi-million dollar business waiting to be developed. -High Estibot -70,000 Exact Searches -15 Years Old -A Global Domain -All Major Extensions...
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    Offers Wanted CreditCollections.com PR 1 Domain, ESTIBOT $34,000,Since 1997

    Every now and then a nice dot com is released reasonably priced for a chance for marketers to use in their industry. In 2013, agencies recovered approximately $55.2 billion in total debt, on which they earned close to $10.4 billion in commissions and fees. Job growth for bill and credit...
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    4 Char or Less Offers Caps.org PR3 domain Since 1998,High Traffic 60 Type-in uniques a Day ! 830,000 Exact Searches

    Caps.org -PR3 Domain ( since 1998) -830,000 Exact Searches - 60 Type-in uniques a day - High Estibot - DomainIndex.com Value $33,900 link: http://domainindex.com/domains/caps.org - Global Domain Previous dot org sales Poker.org-$1,000,000 Date.org-$150,000 Move.org-$120,000 (2015)...
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    Offers Wanted Animated.net (PR2) , Exact Searches 70,000 Since 1997

    Animated.net for Sale PR2 Domain 70,000 Exact Searches High Estibot Registered in 1997 Taking Offers BIN PRICE $1,350 For A Sale
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    Offers Wanted EEENN.COM

    EEENN.COM for Sale Taking Offers Gets Traffic from China Seeking Offers . .
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    Fixed Price NYCDiscountTickets.com Plus 4 Ticket Names, ALL 5 FOR $99

    These 5 names all for $99 Expiring on Dec.22nd (Go Daddy) 4 ticket names plus TriptoSingapore.com DISCOUNTHAWAIITICKETS.COM 12/22/2015 HAWAIIDISCOUNTTICKETS.COM 12/22/2015 NYCDISCOUNTTICKETS.COM 12/22/2015 SANDIEGODISCOUNTCOUPONS.COM 12/22/2015 TRIPTOSINGAPORE.COM 1/2/2016 (2,000 Exact Searches) .
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    Offers Wanted NJ.CAB

    NJ.CAB for Sale New Jersey Cab Medallions selling in the $XXX,XXX Taking offers Renewals are $85 at Godaddy $80 at Enom.com Without any discounts Thanks .
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    SOLD !

    SOLD !
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    Offers Wanted MusicSites.com PR 3 Domain, $169,000 ESTIBOT VALUE, 24,000 Exact Searches

    MusicSites.com From Spotify, Pandora, Raphsody, Apple iTunes, Amazon, iHeartRadio etc. - $169,000 Estibot Value -PR3 Domain (Helps in Ranking and importance) -23,500 Exact Searches and over 1.5 billion results on Google. With a High Page Rank (PR3) that will help increase ranking in search...
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    Fixed Price Abduct.org (Missing Children or Alien Abduction) Perfect Extension PRICE TO SELL

    Abduct.org (Missing Children or Alien Abduction) Perfect Extension 14,800 Exact Searches Expires ( 6/16/2016) Seeking $250
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    Offers Wanted Lousiville.com PR1 domain Since 2000. PRICED TO SELL !

    Lousiville.com PR1 domain (Typo) Great name Since 2000 Seeking $270 or best offer Created on 2000-09-12 - Expires on 2016-09-12 taking offers . .