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  1. nubuck

    Offers Wanted Lousiville.com PR1 domain Since 2000.

    Lousiville.com PR1 domain (Typo) Great name Since 2000 Consistent traffic Created on 2000-09-12 - Expires on 2016-09-12
  2. nubuck

    Offers Wanted TurboSystems.com PR3 Domain, Since 1996, $1000 or Best Offer , Revenue

    TurboSystems.com PR3 domain 19 Years Old ! Recent Parking Traffic stats for TurboSystems.com PR3 October 14th- Nov. 5th = $24.59 Revenue Visitors = 417 I do not guarantee continued parking stats High PR3 rank (helps in page position) Great Potential for free traffic and ad revenue Seeking...
  3. nubuck

    4 Char or Less Offers SXS.ORG PR 3 Domain 678,000 EXACT SEARCHES ! Also Means SEX, $112 PARK 2 WEEKS

    SXS.org Premium PR 3 dot org with 678,000 Exact Searches (according to Google keyword Planner) and even more in Broad Search volume (in the millions) Recent Parking Traffic stats for SXS.org PR3 Now and then I get good Parking revenue September 1st- September 14th =215 Uniques Revenue for same...
  4. nubuck

    4 Char or Less Fixed n

  5. nubuck

    Offers Wanted Representative.US (Premium Election Domain) $250 or Best Offer

    Representative.us High Exact Searches Seeking $250 or BO Expires on 2016-06-06 . . . . .
  6. nubuck

    4 Char or Less Offers Lay.info Since 2001 Priced to Sell

    Lay.info Premium dot info Global domain Expires on 2016-07-24 Taking offers above $470 BIN $580
  7. nubuck

    Offers Wanted MusicSites.com PR3, 24,000 EXACT SEARCHES, Since 1997

    MusicSites.com PR 3 Domain, 24,000 EXACT SEARCHES, Since 1997 High Estibot Global domain ! Taking offers Expires on 2016-09-16 . .
  8. nubuck

    Offers Wanted LeanMeats.com PRICED TO SELL, Since 2002, 12,000 EXACT SEARCHES

    LeanMeats.com Since 2002, 12,000 EXACT SEARCHES Taking Offers Expires on 2017-08-30
  9. nubuck

    Offers Wanted GuavaJuices.com Priced To Sell !

    Taking offers GuavaJuices.com
  10. nubuck

    Offers Wanted Novocaine.com 49,500 EXACT SEARCHES, 19 Years Old, PRICED TO SELL !

    This domain has been aged 19 years and has a whopping 49,500 Exact Monthly Searches on Google alone! This could be the most popular website in the world for information on Novocaine. This is the perfect Tld for the term(Dot com) Low Reserve Price Generic Name Latin nov-(meaning new) and...
  11. nubuck

    Offers Wanted Gived.com For Sale, Give.com Just Sold for $500,000 Since 2000

    Taking offers for Gived.com 5 letter dot com Registered in 2000 Simple past tense and past participle of give (Wiktionary) Also known as Embarrassed. .
  12. SmartNames.com.br

    Rceap.com 50k on alexa

    Rceap.com 50k on alexa Make an offer
  13. nubuck

    Offers Wanted Abduct.org Consistent Type-In Traffic

    Abduct.org Abduct.org (gets 5-10 Type-in uniques a day) Perfect public website for Kidnappings and Alien Abductions. Taking offers ^