1. zpattern

  2. zpattern

    Closed - 4 Letter Domain Name *NO RESERVE* Top Level Domain LLLL .com Expires: September 20, 2019 NO RESERVE ** Special Note: This domain will only be pushed to GoDaddy and will not be transferred to another registrar. If you are looking for an investment, startup a company, brand your organization, build a blog...
  3. zpattern

    Auctions - Premium 4 Letter .com Domain Name on Live Auction at GoDaddy

    Investment opportunity for the four letter .com domain name Get your bid in today:
  4. D

    Auctions UNDER 24 HOURS: at GoDaddy auctions. Trade Hot Stock Investment on auction at GoDaddy. No Reserve. Auction ends 2017/04/21 02:08 AM (PDT). Domain is registered at GoDaddy.
  5. U

    Fixed Price

    Domain: Has amazing value in video game community (Minecraft) just need to find the right buyer. Domains that have been appraised for way less (~$400) have sold to networks for ~$2,250. Appraisal: $983 Estimation at what a large network would pay if successfully contacted...
  6. ronabr

    Offers Wanted

    PM with offers
  7. ronabr

    Offers Wanted

    PM with offers.
  8. Retoddesq

    Auctions - No Reserve Auction At Flippa.

    Domain: Where:, direct link as follows: Direct Link Min Bid: $30 Reserve: NONE! Auction Ends: Friday March 6, 2015 at 6:49am PST STONEDSTOCKS.COM is a brandable name created for use as a financial markets website, forum...
  9. aishwin Domains Wanted Budget $50k

    Hi, I am looking to buy domains each domain should be $5000 - $8000 range. Need to buy 6-15 domains. Resellers price only Budget of $50k to spend before Christmas 2014. PM me 1 word quality competitive domains welcome
  10. H - Trillion Dollar Industry

    Hi is for sale. is about companies buying, selling, importing, and developing valuable materials from space. For example, one trillion dollars worth of Platinum from a planet like the moon, and companies are in a gold rush to get to space planets first...