1. robertsz

    Offers Wanted 4-T.com Premium N-L.com Gem 16+ years old (For) letter T WOW

    4-T.com At Godaddy 3 Character .com has the AVG price of a N-L.com at $5,000 Looking for offers. This name has been getting a lot of attention lately. Ready to move. Thanks!
  2. ashahzad_UK

    4 letter .com just alphabets - no numbers domain wanted

    four letter .com domain needed - no numbers please payment by paypal please pm me your domain with price thanks
  3. dcristo

    Most Popular Letter Prefixes and Suffixes

    Please share your thoughts on the best letter prefixes and suffixes used in domain names. Best in terms of resell value and what brands would want to use.
  4. nicedomains

    4 Char or Less Fixed LL two letter domain: ik.si [BIN $128]

    ik.si Registered at domene.si Renewal approx $15/yr $188
  5. U

    Offers Wanted TSTT.COM - Triple Letter CHIP

    Not much to say about this Gem! Triple Letter pure premium CHIP
  6. E

    WTB- Looking for brandable .com 10 letter or less.

    Please send a PM. Thanks.
  7. N

    Some 3 letter .io domains and two generic word .io domains

    Just curious what the value of generic English words like this are with the .io tld. Also curious about some 3 letters I picked up. eaf.io (was thinking that combined with a sub-domain l.eaf.io would be neat for a project, I might develop this and use it for personal use). aup.io aez.io...
  8. Johnn

    4 Char or Less Offers ..

  9. B

    EERQ.com Premium Four Letter Domain, 6 Years Old ( Repeating Letters)

    Premium 4 Letter .com Domain Looking for an offer Repeating Letters Eerq.com (EERQ.com) Since 2010 Reg: Moniker Offers From $XXXX
  10. Bob

    4 Char or Less Fixed over

  11. Yum

    Pronounceable 4 letter dot com

    Just like NOVA.com,MAMA.com Please pm me your name and asking price. Thank you very much.
  12. NameBird

    4 Char or Less Offers Chinese Domains: KSSM.com, 51611.com, 44218.com, 18760.com

    I am looking for offers for the following domains, no bin has been set yet, please post the offers here to make it easier. KSSM.com 51611.com 44218.com 18760.com Current Highest Offers: 51611.com $4.1k KSSM.com and 51611.com $6.1k KSSM.com $2.5k 44218.com $2.5k 18760.com $2.5k Current Bin...