1. clasione

    news Super, Great Week for Liquid Domains Worthy of Very – Very Close Inspection!

    "The year seems off to a good – no – great start, with lots of single word .com domain names and one .org topping the charts, thanks in part to NameJet, ROTD, and the NamesCon Auctionwhich has led to several of these closed transactions as of late. Also worth mentioning is the ‘out of the...
  2. Eurorealtor

    fixed price + liquid domains

  3. Vinexa


  4. K

    fixed price $ - DADH - BEBM and more SALE 7 domains

    7 Sale GAAW - $15 - ABBC pattern ending with W YUUB - $15 - ABBC pattern E*** Sold PHEH - $15 - Name DADH - $15 - Q Premuim BEBM - $15 - Q Premuim Post Sold to claim Reg: Goddady and WHOIS Push Renewals: 10/2016 1 sold
  5. juanda

    short: fixed ,,,,

    Premium Domain Name: Registrar: Godaddy Registration/Expiration July 2010 - July 2016 BIN: $390 Premium Domain Name: Registrar: Wild West Domains ( (free push) Registration/Expiration July 2010 - July 2016 BIN: $390 Premium Domain Name: Registrar...
  6. juanda

    short and - PREMIUM 4 Letters LLLL Domains

    Premium Domain Name: TELL .cc (SOLD!!!!) Google Search: 1.910.000.000 search results!!! SOLD!! Premium Domain Name: Google Search: 2.710.000.000 search results!!! Registrar: Wild West Domains ( Date of Registration: Aug. 2005 Date of Expiration: Aug. 2016 BIN: Best...
  7. P

    short Offers wanted on over 50 aged LLLL names e.g. nuja dot com

    Hello fellow DNF members: I am offering a selection of aged high quality (4L) four letter domain names for sale for a limited time. Please make your offers on individual names with a post on this thread only. No offers accepted on these names via private message. BIN amounts have been added...
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