1. Forum king

    Fixed Price Sold

  2. Retoddesq

    Offers Wanted 50 domains; taking reasonable offers; Incl. UTDJ.com; XIOW.com; BUYERPAYS.com, etc.

    Finding myself in need of some cash and as such, I will be considering any and all reasonable offers for any of the following domain names: Min. Offer = 10% of the Estibot Appraised Values. UTDJ.COM - Currently Registered at Godaddy - Expires: 1/11/2016 - Estibot Appraised $1,400 XIOW.COM -...
  3. P

    4 Char or Less Offers Offers wanted on over 50 aged LLLL names e.g. nuja dot com

    Hello fellow DNF members: I am offering a selection of aged high quality (4L) four letter domain names for sale for a limited time. Please make your offers on individual names with a post on this thread only. No offers accepted on these names via private message. BIN amounts have been added...
  4. B

    4 Char or Less Offers AZVQ.COM, VBIQ.COM, MFKZ.COM offers wanted

    AZVQ.COM Resellerclub registered 26-feb-2009 ( A to Z / Voting / Video / very good / Questions / Quality ...) VBIQ.COM Resellerclub registered 26-feb-2009 MFKZ.COM Name.com registered 04-sep-2007 (no Vowel no V)
  5. hostmasta

    Offers Wanted HRRX.com

    Taking offers for my Chinese Premium domain. Ticks all the boxes: - No vowels - Double Premium in the middle - The favored X on the end - Aged domain - Could be used for a HR business as well. Thanks.
  6. pimpdomains

    4 Char or Less Fixed N/A

  7. T

    WTB LLLL.coms

    PM me your LLLL.coms budget $125 each, what do you have for me to look at? :) Thanks
  8. J

    Auctions Auction Ended

    Auction Ended
  9. arsenico

    Auctions BLTJ.COM at sedo. Now 700USD. Auction ends in 3h!

    BLTJ.COM Unique 4 letter domain name BLTJ.COM now on Sedo. The auction is currently running and will end in 1 day! (2015-09-16 22:28 EST) . https://sedo.com/auction/auction_detail.php?language=us&auction_id=191691 I’ve received variuos private offers in the last 10 days: i think it is...
  10. Dan Lakey

    4 Char or Less Offers Lot of 10 Quad LLLL.com Domains YBBD.com and others

    Big Lot of 10 quad-premium LLLL.com names. Here is the list: PLDR.com YGNF.com RPHZ.com NQKX.com WPLW.com NPDQ.com TKDW.com YBBD.com LSND.com GMHW.com Selling the whole lot. I particularly like LSND as it is a typo of "Land" or "Lend". Some real nice names in here that both Chinese and...
  11. Forum king

    LLLL.com Under $100

    LLLL.com Under $100
  12. graham

    Auctions Ended

  13. graham

    Auctions ended

  14. J

    Auctions Ended

  15. Dan Lakey

    Fixed Price 4 Domains .com and .net Bulk Deal LLLL, Keyword, Tools, QUNO

    This listing is done Four domains for one price: Disposers.net QUNO.net XITB.com FramingHammer.com Disposers.net (a real product category-killer name, 8 yrs old) - Moniker exp. 9-16 QUNO.net (nice cvcv with 'Uno', 9 yrs old) - Moniker exp. 5-16 XITB.com (solid triple-premium...
  16. darkNstormy

    Fixed Price IRKZ.COM + more LLLL.com's = $125 each

    Each of these LLLL.com's are registered at GoDaddy. I've set the BIN for at $150 each IRKZ.COM = $125 JHUH.COM = $125 QIJQ.COM = $125 VHFN.COM = $125 ZAHB.COM = $125 ZBAH.COM = $125 Payment via Paypal. Thanks! David
  17. Johnn

    4 Char or Less Offers ...

  18. BelgianGuru

    Auctions Epau.com 7 days auction great. 7,900$ estibot. 11 years old. VCVV

    Epau.com $7,900 estibot https://sedo.com/auction/index.php?language=e&auction_id=191383