1. mike031

    Fixed Price Portfolio of 50 .COM Top USA City Business/Services Focused Domain Names [NYC, LA, etc...] sfpersonaltrainer

    .COM portfolio of 50 very popular USA city focused local business domain names available, as a deeply discounted package deal -- exclusive DNF bulk pricing. All registered either at GoDaddy or Dynadot. Buy-it-now price is $4,999 for the group. A few of the aged domains have been registered for...
  2. ajtbar

    Offers Wanted ServeLocal.com - make an offer

    Make an offer... private message... on one or multiple domain names: ServeLocal.com MissionSkill.com + MissionSkills.com Mubzy.com NashvilleCreative.com OfficeHQ.net SocietalAction.com GivingTuesday.us TalkToMyBrand.com ThoughtBuzzer.com
  3. J

    Localbusinessowner . Com - $350

    great name, appraises for $2.4k
  4. iestates

    Auctions Clocal.com On Auction No Reserve At Sedo

    https://sedo.com/auction/auction_detail.php?language=us&trackingRequestId=&trackingOrigin=&auction_id=181552&origin=&tracked=&partnerid=&language=us Good luck!
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    Registered Oct. 2006 8 years old $350 paypal GD push
  6. L


    Entertaining Offers.