1. P

    Fixed Price Registrar Moniker Price: $249
  2. Tudor V

    Fixed Price Price - $39.95 Make sure you have a GoDaddy account before deciding to buy, so the transfer can be free of charge. Feel free to message me for any questions. Payments via Paypal®
  3. P

    Fixed Price 12 domains .com premium domains 12 months to go

    Hello all, the following domains are open to offers, they are all under a week old, premium words .com BUYPETCARE.COM $200.00 CENTRAL-GARDENS.COM $200.00 DIGIMAXCLOUD.COM $200.00 DIVORCEGAYLAWYER.COM $200.00 EQUALITY-MARRIAGE.COM $200.00 HEALTHCAREBABY.COM $200.00 HOMOPHILEMARRIAGE.COM $200.00...

    Offers Wanted

    Hi all, how much do you offer? I tell you some factors, similar domain,, was sold for $15,000 on Nokta (source 700K search results for "writing jobs" ideal for a marketplace of writers for magazine rich keyword domain, .com extension, 3 memorable words How...
  5. ambet

    Iq Domains

    Please post your offers for these: - Australia IQ - Your Fair IQ - IQ act - IQ foo - IQ say - IQ try - IQ tune - IQ magazine or IQ magnet (domain hack)
  6. NameAgency

    Auctions Appsmag(.)com Apps Magazine. Flippa

    Domain AppsMag(.)com. 24 hours to go. Current bid:$150. Reserve met! Go to auction