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  1. blackju

    .com LuxDevices.com, PicMobi.com, Pheroms.com, Sotamir.com

    LuxDevices.com created 21 Oct 2008 expires: 21 Oct 2022 PicMobi.com created 11 Oct 2007 expires: 11 Oct 2022 Pheroms.com created 22 Jan 2009 expires: 22 Jan 2022 Sotamir.com created 11 Oct 2007 expires: 11 Oct 2022 Registrar of all: Danesconames Sale on Sedo, Dan Please, offers via pm.
  2. T


  3. D

    offers 40 high quality .mobi domains

    Hi all, I am looking to sell all or some of these. Please e-mail me to dan.forward.787@gmail.com if you are interested. Thanks, Dan 2016.MOBI ALT.MOBI ATA.MOBI BYE.MOBI CDW.MOBI CEKC.MOBI CHECKERS.MOBI CVS.MOBI DAN.MOBI DCX.MOBI ETA.MOBI ETV.MOBI FOREX.MOBI GIG.MOBI GIN.MOBI GNC.MOBI...
  4. domainshopper

    Want to buy domains 0,05 $ - $1,50 com net org info mobi xyz tv + other NewTLDS

    Hello, Want to buy domains between 0,05 $ - $1,50 com net org info mobi xyz .top .tv and all new TLDS . like .club, .website, .top etc...even IDNS (internationalised domains and extentions ) BTW It's not because I put 1,50 as highest, you have to send only highest proposals. (also 2$ will be...
  5. T

    fixed price ---

  6. T


  7. W

    fixed price PREMIUM .mobi domains

    Selling for 300USD each. DREAMING.mobi ENEMY.mobi ILLUSION.mobi JOUR.mobi MAZE.mobi NEVER.mobi PROVE.mobi SECTION.mobi SETUP.mobi SILENT.mobi VERSION.mobi VERTICAL.mobi VISOR.mobi XCLUSIVE.mobi Please send a message if interested.
  8. T

    offers ---

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  10. BladeMaster

    [WTB] LLL & NNN .TV | .CC | .CO | .Biz | .info | .Me | .Mobi

    Hi, I want to buy some LLL & NNN Domains in .TV | .CC | .CO | .Biz | .info | .Me | .Mobi LLL - $10 - $400 NNN - $20 - $1000 Overall Budget - 10K Please pm me the domain names
  11. PGB

    offers INGLES.mobi & CARIBE.mobi

    Hi I don't go to develope them and I want cash. Any offer? PS: Ingles = "English" in spanish
  12. Kazzia


    Sold in 2008 for $9500. Offers being accepted. Brokers welcomed (20%)
  13. Kazzia

    broker Lesbians.mobi

    Sold a few years ago for $9,500 at Sedo. Looking for a broker to sell.
  14. Domain Author

    Highest Reported .mobi Sale In Last 5 Years: Ola.mobi Sells For $15,000

    We recently witnessed the sale of highest reported .mobi domain in the last 5 years. The domain name Ola.mobi sold for $15,000 on Sedo. The buyer is OLAmobile Cyprus Limited. According to the whois record, the domain name was first registered in 2008. It is very rare that we see a .mobi sale...
  15. zzzkkk

    Vote For .mobi Condition ....since A Long Time From Last Thread

    Just vote a,b,c,d,e as I am running a case relative private study. Comments are wellcome but not necessary QUESTION : Where .mobi lies now ??? a) "It's dead Jim" (as from STAR TREK doctor McCoy to Captain for the olders) b) deep coma (hope is the last to die, but better face the truth) c)...
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