1. J

    .COM * domain name for sale
  2. P

    Offers Wanted,,, plus .com plurals.

    Please make offers on the following domain names via PM. - Mobile Coupon App - Mobile Coupons App - Digital Coupon App - Digital Coupons App - i Coupon App - i Coupons App...
  3. D

    Auctions LAST DAY: at Flippa. Mobile Payment and App Development Vertical on auction at Flippa. Auction ends Thu, 20 Apr 2017, 18:59:47 UTC.
  4. A

    Offers Wanted

    Hi, Taking offers for
  5. italsat

    Offers Wanted estibot $16.000

    Look offer for this premium domain
  6. M

    ccTLD, $500 each or take both for $800.00 (Package Deal) $500 Most Financial Institutions in Canada are now offering their clients the option to deposit their cheques via mobile deposits. They can simply take a pic of their cheque and send to Banks to be deposited...
  7. namesdencom

    Offers Wanted more mobile payments domain

    make an offer 3 short mobile payment brands
  8. bv190375

    Auctions NOW on Ebay

    Ebay link: Recent Comparable Sales of other .com Domains similar to containing the word "cicret" on Ebay ... SmartBraceletsCICRET .COM > $1.525 @ Ebay on October 2015 CICRETphone .COM = $1.025 @ Ebay on October 2015 SmartCICRET .COM = $1.025 @ Ebay...
  9. Throwne

    Fixed Price Great brandable domain: Rudemental.COM

    RUDEMENTAL.COM Expires: 11/26/2016 Domain Benefits: Brandable, One word Possible niches: Entertainment: Gaming, Arcade, Mobile app, Music, Art Payment options: Paypal Registrar: Godaddy (push) Offers welcome via thread or PM Bump Bump
  10. Asitha Goonewardena

    Offers Wanted RUMBARA.COM

    Great domain name for games, mobile app Offers accepted for this domain. Escrow services has to be paid by the buyer. Check domain at Godaddy.
  11. O


    Hi Everyone, I am looking for a brandable domain name for a new mobile & wireless vendor. The name should be pronounceable and either be “fun” or be related to the industry OR have either “mobile” or “wireless” in the name. High preference for .com domain names unless the domain you are...
  12. ksinclair

    Please appraise

    Mobile is a big market and everyone wants to save money. What do you appraise the value of for ? Thanks - Kevin
  13. K

    Auctions Ended

  14. K


    2 hours to go on Flippa, no reserve!
  15. K


    No reserve auction at Flippa
  16. Anna Morrison

    Fixed Price - NO RESERVE $1 AUCTION. 719 Global Searches/Mo - CPC $2.97 - Estibot: $1000 NO RESERVE $1 AUCTION. Link to auction: 719 Global Searches/mo CPC $2.97 Estibot Appraisal: $1000 Works as a great exact-match keyword domain as well as a brandable...
  17. X

    Offers Wanted Mobile Business for Sale.

  18. Anna Morrison

    Fixed Price - Estibot Appraisal: $1000 for sale. 719 Global Monthly Searches - CPC $2.97 Estibot Appraisal: $1,000 Accepting offers via PM. Available for immediate sale and push to your GoDaddy account. PayPal accepted.
  19. K

    Auctions - No reserve auction

    No reserve auction on Flippa
  20. T

    Offers Wanted 4 years old ideal for text message and sms message website, viral database or gateway looking for offers. Many Thanks
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