1. Phelo1

    Auctions + more premium domains Namejet PreRelease No Reserve! --------------Estibot valuation: $35000 --------------No Reserve Bid Here -------------- ------ Estibot Valuation: $31000 --------------No Reserve Bid Here -----Estibot Valuation: $24000 --------------No Reserve Bid Here...
  2. thewizardofsales and More.

    Howdy y'all, I have the following premium domain names in pre-release on NameJet. If you would...
  3. CDAMichael

    Auctions Featured on Namejet -,,,, many more

    We've listed a few more low-reserve domains on Namejet - check out our feature page
  4. clasione

    NEWS Namejet's January 2018 Sales Above $2,000.00 US

    "Namejet released it’s January 2018 domain name auctions report that includes many 1-word and 2-word domains and a few numerics. Namejet sold 103 (141 domains in December) domains in January for a total of $459,009 ($859,043 in December)." See the list at
  5. davidnyang


    Domain: Registrar: Enom Central Features: gLTD .Net Genuine one word Medical term 17-year-old, registered since 2001
  6. Compassion

    Auctions ,

  7. Kazzia

    Auctions - NamesCon MONDAY auction $58,000 Estibot (Only $700 at the moment)
  8. R didn't meet reserve on the NameJet auction today. The highest bid was $30,500 USD. We don't know the reserve price on the auction, could have been $50K, $100K or even more. So what's worth?
  9. Daniel Levi

    Daniel's Daily Domain Picks

    I will be posting daily domain picks from NameJet, Flippa, GoDaddy, and Pending Delete. All of the names are personally chosen by me, but you should also do your own diligence before you bid. The picks will be updated daily at around midnight PT. NameJet
  10. D


    GETGOODWEED.COM Find it at NameJet in the Hot Picks section. Great domain name given the wave of marijuana legalization. Marijuana will eventually be a legal recreational drug. Grab a really great domain name now...
  11. randomo

    Auctions Good-value Keyword Auctions At Namejet:,, More.

    Nice keywords & brandables going on sale at NameJet. I will update this thread as more domains are added. Right now, you can backorder (just click on the domain): (3,600 exact monthly searches for this common product term) (1-word .com, ideal for any cornet...
  12. hawkeye

    Auctions And More At Namejet

    I've got some names on NameJet getting ready to go to auction this week. This is a list of them, and their closing dates to get a backorder bid in by. ---- 7/12/2014 ---- 7/13/2014 ---- 7/14/2014 ---- 7/15/2014...