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  1. clasione

    NEWS Did an Offer on a New gTLD 'really' go from $20k – $100k, in one day?

    "A $20k starting offer is always a nice thing to get – going from $20k to $100k in one day is also a massive jump. While I don’t think this means all of us should suddenly start buying up new gTLDs, I do think it’s an interesting datapoint and sign of end-user interest in non .COMs." Read this...
  2. zerozerosei

    2 new gTLD domains: -

    What do you think about the domains value? Short and long term... Please appraise, thanks! :) Both with NO premium fee for renewal. Moreno Valley population: 202,976 -> And Valley City may refer to: Valley City, Illinois Valley City, Indiana Valley City, North...
  3. italsat


    look offer for
  4. Howie Crosby


    ULTRA.XYZ Accepting reasonable offers via PM. Thank you. Accept PayPal verified. Expires 6/2/15
  5. nubuck

    Auctions On Flippa

    Highly Sought,Plus 8 Domains in Total,$29.99 Renew Fee Premium dot Auction Names are very hard to get, Most Premium dot Auction have a $60,000 a year fee, This Premium domain only renews at $29.99...
  6. G

    Auctions Auction On Sedo

    Closed! Thank you!
  7. Domain Author Beats Monster, Inc For .monster, the NYSE listed job portal, beat Monster, Inc. the company that makes high end audio cables and other equipments, for the new gTLD .Monster. According to its application plans to operate .Monster as a .brand domain extension: “The proposed gTLD will be a restricted...
  8. Domain Author

    .club Raises More Money: Valued At $25.4 Million

    .Club, which has the most number of paid registrations, in all the new gTLDs launched till now and has more than 150,000 registrations, will be valued at $25.4 million after the current round of fundraising. The company is conducting two fundraising rounds, both of which are fully subscribed...
  9. Domain Author

    Consumers Prefer .organic Domain Names For True-organic Goods

    Afilias, the registry for .Organic ,announced thre results of the new research that provides important insights regarding U.K. and U.S. Internet users’ experience finding organic products and services online. Press Release: ".ORGANIC domain operator Afilias today announced the results of new...
  10. Domain Author

    .lgbt(lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, And Transgender) Sunrise Opens January 5, 2015

    Afilias announced the introduction of new gTLD dedicated to lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender community: .LGBT. The extension has a strict acceptable-use policy that protects the community from possible misuse. CMO of Afilias said "The .LGBT domain is the first and only web address...
  11. Domain Author

    .green Announces Its Launch Time Table

    Green Registry recently released its launch time table. The Founders program will close on December 1st, 2014 and is limited to Friends and Supporters of DotGreen, and attendees of San Francisco Green Festival. Sunrise period starts on December 8,2014 and ends on February 6, 2015. The...
  12. Domain Author

    Around 20,000 .xyz Domains To Be Released As Collision Ends

    On December 2nd, 2014 almost 20,000 .xyz domains will be released which were earlier held back due to name collision. .xyz already has some 725,000 plus registrations so far and is the most popular new gTLD. The names would be up for grabs on first come first served basis. So, if you are...
  13. Domain Author

    .attorney Domains Are Appearing In Search Results

    Why .Attorney and .Lawyer domains will be important to the marketing of your law firm? There is an instance when a .Attorney domain is ranking for auto accident cases in Dallas, Texas area. In less than a month's time, these extensions have started ranking on Google. Read why you should have a...
  14. Domain Author

    Four New Gtlds Delegated: .firmland, .madrid And Two More

    ICANN announced that 4 more gTLDs have been delegated. As a result, the total has reached 435 new gTLDs delegated so far. Here are the newly delegated gTLDs: .FIRMLAND .MADRID - The capital and largest city of Spain .グーグル - This represents .Google in Japanese language according to Google...
  15. Domain Author

    Dish Dbs Pays $700,000 For .dot: Beats Google In The Auctions

    Dish DBS, the satellite TV company and owner of Blockbuster, has beaten Google in a public auction for the top level domain .Dot. It paid $700,000 for the rights to the domain name. Google considered the domain name a "pun", according to the application: "The purpose of the proposed gTLD .Dot...
  16. Domain Author

    Icann Is Inviting Public Comments On New Gtld Auction Rules

    ICANN is seeking community input on the detailed rules (i.e. methodology and processes) for Auctions involving Contention Sets containing Indirect Contention relationships. Comment Period: 14 Nov 2014- 14 Dec 2014 Reply Period: 15 Dec 2014- 13 Jan 2015 Public Comment Link
  17. Domain Author

    Chick-fil-a Spends About $100,000 For 8 .restaurant Domains

    Chick-fil-A , the American fast food restaurant chain, bought 8 new gTLD .restaurant domain names costing thousands of dollars each. Chick-fil-A didn’t use any of its trademarks to buy domain names in the Sunrise period. Instead it waited until EAP period where domains are costing more than...
  18. Domain Author

    .realtor Gets Slow Adoption: Is This An Indication?

    The new gTLD .REALTOR was launched on October 23,2014. There here have been only 84,615 registrations till now. Considering the fact that there are more than 1 million realtors in the United States, and that the first 500,000 domains are given free to any realtor who needs a domain name, these...
  19. Domain Author

    Longest .ooo Domain Registered With 63 Os

    The longest domain name with a .ooo new gtld 63 repeated o ( was registered. The domain resolves to a site with the question "Is Showfoam Sexy?" with a YES Check the link The domain is currently the 1,303rd most-trafficked...
  20. Domain Author

    Icann Will Soon Release 2 Character New Gtld Domain Names

    ICANN reported that it has cleared the way for 2 character new gTLD domain names like NN.whatever, LL.whatever, NL.whatever and LN.whatever The announcement that was made: After reviewing the summary and analysis of the first batch of Public Comments, the ICANN Board passed Resolution...