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  1. clasione

    NEWS Did an Offer on a New gTLD 'really' go from $20k – $100k, in one day?

    "A $20k starting offer is always a nice thing to get – going from $20k to $100k in one day is also a massive jump. While I don’t think this means all of us should suddenly start buying up new gTLDs, I do think it’s an interesting datapoint and sign of end-user interest in non .COMs." Read this...
  2. dancarl


    offers please.
  3. 7

    Offers Wanted Prmium Gtds with HEAVY Search volume

    Children.Furniture LineOf.Credit CreditCardForBad.Credit BadCreditCredit.Cards CapitalGains.Tax Back.Tax Late.Tax SelfEmployment.Tax PM me, please.
  4. H

    Fixed Price Great new gTLD extensions at massive discounts

    New gTLD extensions are the future and we have some great discounted names. All less than $250! Get over to Sedo and get a bargain (all listed at nearly half of Sedo's suggested prices);
  5. Domain Author

    New gTLD is going to lead: An interview with Domain Mogul Adam Dicker

    The next consistent wave of five figure domain sales is coming, and it will be led by the type of premium gTLD's discussed in this recent portfolio evaluation conversation. Key takeaways: 1) Branding matters and it is much, much easier with premium, single word, gTLD's. 2) Building out the...
  6. B

    Offers Wanted Realty.Land

    Great name for Real Estate market
  7. italsat


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  8. W


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  9. Domain Author

    .dentist Gets 907 Registrations On Day 1 Of General Availability

    Two other new gTLDs entered General Availability. After the first 24 hours of General Availability , there were 907 .Dentist domain name registered. .Rehab had 293 registrations after the first 24 hours of General Availability. Only 25 .Rehab domain names were registered in Sunrise and EAP...
  10. Domain Author

    Eight Other New Gtld Agreement Signed

    ICANN has signed the Agreement with eight other new Registry. The signing of an agreement is one of the critical steps for new Top Level domain names. Here are the eight TLD Registry Agreements signed : .broadway .cisco .dealer .love .storage .sucks .watches .网站
  11. Domain Author

    Another One To The Queue: .dev Delegated

    There has been yet another addition to the huge list of new gTLDs delegated so far. .Dev has joined the list bringing the total to 447. These insignificant additions to the new gTLDs that do not target an industry, a territory or a country, and which are not general purpose, will only be used...
  12. Domain Author

    One Degree World To Launch More Than 1,300 Travel Websites On New Gtlds

    One Degree World plans to launch more than 1,300 new travel related websites on New gTLD domain names. Global travel and entertainment company One Degree World launched their first 8 travel websites on new gTLDs. It turns out their plans are much bigger than the 300 websites announced by the...
  13. Domain Author

    There Is No Ranking Advantage Of Using New Gtlds: Google's John Mueller

    New gTLDs may have benefits in getting a more relevant, and shorter, domain name, but there is no advantage when it comes to how well they perform in online search results. On his Google+ page, John Mueller wrote: "It feels like it's time to re-share this again. There still is no inherent...
  14. Domain Author

    .vlaanderen And .brussels Domain Names Now Available For Everyone

    From December 16, 2014 to January 15, 2015, everyone can register their preferable .Brussels and .Vlaanderen domain names. It doesn't matter what nationality you are or what type of applicant you are, you can now register your .Vlaanderen and .Brussels domain name. Here is the announcement that...
  15. Domain Author

    Two More New Gtlds Delegated. Total Reaches 446

    ICANN recently announced that two more new gTLDs have been delegated namely .Samsung and .Cartier. With this, the total number of new gTLDs delegated so far reaches 446. With 446 new gTLDs in the market and counting, it is only going to create chaos in the Internet world, without solving any...
  16. Domain Author

    Six New Gtlds Enter General Availability. .immo Gets 5,274 Registrations On Day 1

    Six new gTLDs entered General Availability including .pizza, .auction, .immo. The stats after the first 24 hours of General Availability are as follows: .immo - 5,274 registrations .Business - 3,292 registrations .Software - 3,068 registrations .Network - 3,055 registrations .Pizza - 1,272...
  17. Domain Author

    Out Of The 3.5 Million New Gtld Registrations, 2.7 Million Belong To Third Party

    According to the stats given by ntldstats, there are nearly 3.5 million new gTLDs registered so far. Out of these domain registrations, many of the domains have been reserved by registry itself, many have been given away for free and many domain names are reserved to parties related to the...
  18. Domain Author

    Companies Are Moving Back To .com Domain Names

    More businesses are investing in the tried-and-tested .COM after seeing their efforts with new domain names fall flat. According to NetworkWorld, a number of companies moved on up to prime online real estate by switching from one of the many alternative domain names to .com. A few companies...
  19. Domain Author

    What Is Your Favorite New Gtld?

    With more than 440 new gTLDs delegated so far, what is your favorite new gTLD? Are you investing in them to flip it in the future or to develop it into a business or are you one among those who is simply staying away from them? My favorite new gTLD so far is .club. What is yours?
  20. Domain Author

    .paris Gets 6,848 Registrations On Day 1 Of General Availability .moscow Gets 3,404

    Three more new gTLDs entered General Availability. After the first 24 hours of General Availability, there were 6,848 .Paris domain names registered. As of now, there are 9,669 .Paris domain name registrations. .Moscow had 3,404 domains registered on the first day of its general availability...