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    Auctions Ended

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    14 New Tld Agreement Published Including .cars And .sex

    14 other new TLD Registry Agreements were published including .Sex, .Cars, .Gucci, .Lincoln. Here are the 14 new TLDs whose registry agreements were published .auto .cars .fairwinds .ford .giving .gucci .hangout .jaguar .landrover .lincoln .sandvik .sex .stada .walter
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    New Gtlds Already Hit By Phishers: Is It A Boon To Them?

    Malicious activity is already being seen coming from the many new top-level domains released this year by ICANN. It seems to be a boon to phishers and spammers. Some of the new gTLDs are more prone to attack by phishers than the others. A report by Infosecurity-Magazine puts forth an example...
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    ntldstats is the best tool if you wish to research how new gTLDs are performing in terms of number of registrations and compare them with other TLDs. There are divisions in terms of Registry, Registrars, Registrant, Backend, New gTLDs, Country-wise, Parking, Launch and Fraud in the new gTLDs...
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    NEWS Ios 8 And Iphone 6 Works With New Tlds

    One of the biggest challenges with the new TLDs is getting them to work with various devices and software. The new operating system of Apple, iOS 8 which comes pre-installed in iPhone 6 makes it easier to access new top level domains. This is a big leap in taking the new TLDs forward. Read...