1. M

    .COM Closed

  2. M

    .COM : sedo current min offer is 5k USD. BIN at afternic or godaddy.
  3. S

    Hello. Please tell me if I can sell the domain for $50k, is it possible? If not, what price is adequate for this domain? Thank you in advance.
  4. K

    .COM FollowTrace

    I made a website that offers a track and trace option for companies. This was the test-domain and is now maybe for sell. Installed website could be bought to... (currently demo data is in dutch) Domain can be used for a track-and-trace service, news-agencies, shops, detectives, loyers, and a...
  5. K

    Premium Domain For sale

    Hello Freinds .you can make offers Now :)
  6. Joeypops

    Auctions MTV STAR OWNED News Website for sale w/882 subscribers 5k uniques/m

    Hi everyone, My name is Joey Pappas I started with idea of becoming a big media outlet. I had the fight and the urge. I mean all people do now of days is go online to check the news or some crazy video so I combined them both. I will help advertise this website on my social media...
  7. italsat $895
  8. dmyre

    Fixed Price - TX, NY, OH, WA, IL - CHEAP

    BIN set at $79 Ready for development or resell... Deer Park, TX (pop. 33,237) Deer Park, NY (pop. 27,745) Deer Park, OH (pop. 5,701) Deer Park, WA (pop. 3,776) Deer Park, IL (pop. 3,228) Deer Park, CA (pop. 1,267) Deer Park, MD (pop. 390) Deer Park, WI (pop. 218) Deer Park, AL (pop. 188)
  9. J


    Pter is an aged domain name which has been since 2002, almost 13 years ago. is now on Flippa auction. Pter is most popular domain name. My thoughts were to create something extra for this wonderful world with a different brand humor. However, I became heavily consumed with some other...
  10. Andraz Radovan

    Hi, I would really need an appraisal for one of my domains: Sincerely, Andraz R.
  11. Domain Author

    Mauritian Government Not Paying Bills On Domain To Be Auctioned Off

    The website is reporting that government of Mauritius did not pay their bill for the domain name So, now it is going to be auctioned off. The domain supposedly gets 500,000 to 1,100,000 queries a day. After the domain was put on sale, the government moved on to...
  12. trips262 News Journal For Victoria News Journal for Victoria. Get this domain to develop News Journal for Victoria and get organic traffic. Place your offer. Thanks
  13. onlinetv For Sale is now for sale. Let's look for 5 digits or more. Thank you, OnlineTV