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  1. amplify

    news Three 4L.co domains sell, one for $35,000; and another noteworthy $10,000 .co sale!

    Epik has reported three LLLL.co domain names have been sold for great sums of cash! One of the domains, novo.co, closed at $35,000. According to NameBio, this domain would now share the #4 spot with mill.co for the highest-priced LLLL.co's reported to have sold in 2021. The other LLLL.co...
  2. CupidName.com

    closed USNewsReports.com - 17 Year Old Domain Name Live Auction - NO RESERVE!

    USNewsReports.com A HUGE market for news, USA, or America. Great opportunity to own this 17-year-old domain name. Visit the auction to learn more: Visit USNewsReports.com
  3. Matheus Oliveira

    .com TempText.com - Offers Wanted - 11 Years old domain / Pay with Paypal,Escrow,Sedo,Paypal and Crypto

    Domain: temptext.com Registrar: 123-reg.co.uk Expires: Aug 28, 2022 Age: 11 years Renewal Fee: $22.02 Free Valuator price: € 1,887.00 GoDaddy Appraisal: $ 1,263.00 Transfer Method: Push (Account to Account) Payment Method: Escrow, Sedo, Paypal, Crypto On Sale at: Sedo (Click Here) For more...
  4. amplify

    news 17 domain names end users bought this week

    Two things I like to do in my personal time to continually help me grow in domain name investing: Browse lists such as these 17 domain names bought by end-users — published by Andrew Allemann of DomainNameWire — to see if they would be put to use in the same manner I would and to also speculate...
  5. amplify

    news IS.com domain changed hands for $1,950,000 in February 2021

    George Kirikos does a deep-dive into ironSource Ltd.'s (NYSE:IS) F-1 filings with the SEC. In the filings, it states that $1,950 thousand ($1,950,000) was used for the purchase of intangible assets. Intangible assets could be an array of different things from a domain name to other intellectual...
  6. clasione

    news Domain Name Investing, Alt Extensions Gets Highlight on Southeast News Stations

    TENNESSEE – Jamey Tucker is a local television news technology journalist who created a segment called “What the Tech?” over 20 years ago. Tuckers’ segments include tech tips, tricks, gadgets, and news with one this month focused on digital real estate on the internet with websites...
  7. M

    Suggest Me A Domain Name For My Website

    Hello Everyone! I want to build a new website of news like The Pakistan News so, kindly suggest me a domain name for this.
  8. Furquan

    news Pulse.com sold by Andy Booth

    It looks like the ultra-premium one word domain name Pulse.com has been to sold to corporate end-user as the domain name now transferred to Safenames. Must be a 7 figure sale under NDA.
  9. T

    .com captainthomasmoore.com

    Hi Everyone *Hot* Domain For Sale captainthomasmoore.com - Thomas Moore, popularly known as Captain Tom, is a former British Army officer known for his achievements raising money for charity in the run-up to his 100th birthday during the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic.
  10. L

    GoDaddy's Acquisition of Neustar, Gives Them a Role in Running Over 200 TLDs and a Chance to Jump Start .US

    GoDaddy's Acquisition of Neustar Registry Operations Gives Them .Biz, .CO, a Role in Running Over 200 TLDs and a Chance to Jump Start .US Less than two months after acquiring Uniregistry's registrar & market and Founder Frank Schilling's massive domain portfolio, industry giant GoDaddy has...
  11. M

    appraise Closed

  12. S

    appraise News.me.uk

    Hello. Please tell me if I can sell the domain News.me.uk for $50k, is it possible? If not, what price is adequate for this domain? Thank you in advance.
  13. K

    .com FollowTrace

    I made a website that offers a track and trace option for companies. This was the test-domain and is now maybe for sell. Installed website could be bought to... (currently demo data is in dutch) Domain can be used for a track-and-trace service, news-agencies, shops, detectives, loyers, and a...
  14. K

    Premium Domain For sale TextMe.online

    Hello Freinds .you can make offers Now :)
  15. P

    offers FossilFuel.info - Fossil Fuels news

    Registrar: Moniker
  16. Joeypops

    auctions MTV STAR OWNED News Website for sale Splixa.com w/882 subscribers 5k uniques/m

    Hi everyone, My name is Joey Pappas I started Splixa.com with idea of becoming a big media outlet. I had the fight and the urge. I mean all people do now of days is go online to check the news or some crazy video so I combined them both. I will help advertise this website on my social media...
  17. italsat


    News24.ws $895
  18. yvryyzyul

    Italian GEOs, Assorted .TLDs

    Modena.news Aeroporto.taxi Brescia.online Milano.express Ristorante.express SanRemo.vip Montecarlo.top Lugano.online Lugano.news HillaryCl.it cctld .it Ferrara.online Aeroporto.express
  19. dmyre

    fixed price DeerParkNews.com - TX, NY, OH, WA, IL - CHEAP

    BIN set at $79 Ready for development or resell... Deer Park, TX (pop. 33,237) Deer Park, NY (pop. 27,745) Deer Park, OH (pop. 5,701) Deer Park, WA (pop. 3,776) Deer Park, IL (pop. 3,228) Deer Park, CA (pop. 1,267) Deer Park, MD (pop. 390) Deer Park, WI (pop. 218) Deer Park, AL (pop. 188)
  20. neosync


    For news industry
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