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  1. nhavag

    external Short premium ngTLDs and gTLDs: eBot.pro, Voicebot.online, SellDomains.online, WorkSmart.live, NFTcoin.app, ComingSoon.live, Mailzone.xyz and more

    A list of fresh premium ngTLD and gTLD domain names. Make your offer by PM. Also interested in selling in bulk. Registrar: Dynadot Payment: Escrow Transfer: Push .LINK domains -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Cacao.link - 150 extensions taken: Expires...
  2. D

    llll Taken in 100+ TLDs (Burger.click, Canvas.Coach and more)

    Burger.Click -----> TLDs Taken: 255 -----> Expiration: 11/30/2021 Registrar: Dynadot BIN: $15 Transfer: Direct Push to your Dynadot Account Payment: TransferWise or through Dynadot BIN Lander. ========================================================= Canvas.Coach -----> TLDs Taken: 296 ----->...
  3. clasione

    news Call for Donuts to Release Proof of Original “Record Breaking” gTLD Sale in Late 2017

    "NEW YORK – This becomes their second earth-shattering alternative-dot transaction in the last twelve months of which many will agree, appears to be sent straight from the heavens above. In fact, all of their employees should vacate the Kirkland, Washington premises immediately and purchase...
  4. clasione

    news Clever: Radix Bolsters New gTLD Adoption Through Sponsored Startups, Buzz, Goodies

    ""NEW YORK – They say that ‘money talks and bull**** walks’ (at least that is what my father used to say) and no-one likely knows this better than domain registry Radix, who maintains and operates several new catchy gTLD domain endings such as .tech and .online. Since 2016, Radix has been...
  5. clasione

    news A “PRIME” Example That .COM Leads in Necessity; nGTLDs Registered Defensively

    "NEW YORK, NY – It has been recently discovered, that the single word domain name Prime.com, which had been reportedly for sale in the seven figure range (Between $1M and $5M), at least since 2011, is now intellectual property of tech-giant Amazon. The name, which was originally registered in...
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