1. zpattern

    Closed 0924.net - Rare opportunity for a NNNN .net Domain Name Auction

    0924.net https://auctions.godaddy.com/trpItemListing.aspx?&miid=271985305 Rare opportunity to pick up a four number .net domain name that will only continue to gain value in the future.
  2. SDX

    4 Char or Less Offers 2906.com

    Hi, Taking offers for this great NNNN.com: 2906.com Thanks!
  3. Mohit98

    Wanted LLLL.COM and LLLL.NET- $200-$250

  4. dummyhalf

    Auctions 3248.com hits reserve at Namejet

    3248.com (NNNN.com) - Chinese for 'Very prosperous business' 生意死發 CURRENTLY AT NAMEJET 生意死發 (3-2-4-8) 生意 (3-2) = "business" 死發 (4-8) = "very or always prosperous" As a native Chinese Cantonese-speaker, I snapped up this NNNN.com numeric domain a number of years ago on DNF given its...
  5. V

    Looking to buy NNNN.com (without 0 and 4)

    Update: Thread closed
  6. mdTaylor

    LL LLL LLLL NNN NNNN .com/.net wanted (ASAP)

    Looking to buy individually and in bulk: (AEIOUV FREE) LL.net LL.com LLL.net (1.5-1.8K Price Depending) Bulk preferred LLLL.net ($30-$80 per. Bulk preferred) LLL.com LLLL.com Ideally 0 & 4 Free NNN.com NNNN.com NNNNN.com (must be 0 and 4 free) NN.net NNN.net NNNN.net Budget isn't an...
  7. Forum king

    NNNN.com $x,xxx

    NNNN.com $x,xxx
  8. TrafficInvestment

    Auctions Edited

  9. E

    Wanted Ln.com, Nl.com, Lll.com, Nnn.com, Nnnn.com

    LN.com, NL.com (without L O Z 1 0 4) Budget $50,000 to $100,000 LLL.com (Without aeiouv) Budget $15,000 to $25,000 NNN.com Upto $100,000 NNNN.com Budget $4000 to $7000
  10. J

    Auctions 6490.com And 4034.com For Sale At Godaddy!

    Here is the auction for 6490.com - https://uk.auctions.godaddy.com/trpItemListing.aspx?miid=161563225 Here is the auction for 4034.com - https://uk.auctions.godaddy.com/trpItemListing.aspx?miid=161563224 NNNN.Com's have gone up massively in value the last 2 years or so and continue to move up...
  11. Domainator

    Fixed Price Investment Deal! Need To Sell This Group Of 10 Ccc's Now W9a(.)com

    Hello and Good Monday to ALL! Re-Sellers Package Deal! I need to sell this group of 10 CCC domains TODAY! I am putting a BARGAIN price on this group to move: 3hi.net 1-ok.com 2i2.net w9a.com xwu.co ygu.co yvu.co 9mo.net 2i2.net v8h.net ALL 10 Domains For $1,550.00! Best of all I will...
  12. dictionaryof

    Nnnn.com --> 4694.com

  13. dictionaryof

    Nnnn.com --> 4683 . Com

  14. BladeMaster

    Wtb - Llll, Nnnn, Nnnn .com Domains & Nnnn.net Domains

    Hi, I want to buy LLLL, NNNN, NNNNN .com, NNN.net & NNNN.net domains Registrar - Any Expiry - Any Payment By - PayPal Budget LLLL.com - Max $20 Per Domain (Buying Bulk) NNNN.com - Max $1500 Per Domain NNNNN.com - Max $50 Per Domain NNN.net - Max $1000 Per Domain NNNN.net - Max $50 Per Domain...
  15. SDX


    Hi, Offering this great and aged NNNN.com for sale: 2715.com ... Only serious offers please! QUICK PayPal transaction ONLY from reputable members. Thanks!
  16. dictionaryof

    Nnnn.com: 4364.com

    NNNN.com: ---> 4364.com --> SOLD.