1. zpattern

    Closed 0924.net - Rare opportunity for a NNNN .net Domain Name Auction

    0924.net https://auctions.godaddy.com/trpItemListing.aspx?&miid=271985305 Rare opportunity to pick up a four number .net domain name that will only continue to gain value in the future.
  2. Johnn

    Offers Wanted ..

  3. mdTaylor

    LL LLL LLLL NNN NNNN .com/.net wanted (ASAP)

    Looking to buy individually and in bulk: (AEIOUV FREE) LL.net LL.com LLL.net (1.5-1.8K Price Depending) Bulk preferred LLLL.net ($30-$80 per. Bulk preferred) LLL.com LLLL.com Ideally 0 & 4 Free NNN.com NNNN.com NNNNN.com (must be 0 and 4 free) NN.net NNN.net NNNN.net Budget isn't an...
  4. mdTaylor

    WTB LLLL.net in (BULK) NNNNN.com/NNNN/NNNNN.net in bulk

    Buying LLLL.net in Bulk $20-30 each depending on quality. PM me your list. Buying NNNNN.com & NNNN/NNNNN .net Budget is up to 2.5K
  5. vital

    4713.net - $300 - Nnnn.net

    high offer so far: $250 BIN: $300 Paypal (masspay/gift)
  6. vital

    Offers Wanted Ended

  7. BladeMaster

    Wtb - Llll, Nnnn, Nnnn .com Domains & Nnnn.net Domains

    Hi, I want to buy LLLL, NNNN, NNNNN .com, NNN.net & NNNN.net domains Registrar - Any Expiry - Any Payment By - PayPal Budget LLLL.com - Max $20 Per Domain (Buying Bulk) NNNN.com - Max $1500 Per Domain NNNNN.com - Max $50 Per Domain NNN.net - Max $1000 Per Domain NNNN.net - Max $50 Per Domain...
  8. dictionaryof

    Wanted: Nnnn.net And Nnnnn.com

    Looking for a few more NNNN.net's and NNNNN.com's ... Budget $xx to $xxx, depending on quantities and qualities. Please PM names with prices. Will try to reply to all, but no promises. ;-) Best, ~~Kenn This thread should supersede my other wanted thread that doesn't list .net's. ;-)