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  1. O

    offers 6888522.com and a few more

    taking offers on these nice .com`s 2122252.com 2523332.com 3675577.com 6888522.com post here or via pm thanks
  2. Johnn

    offers ..

  3. Johnn

    offers ..

  4. A

    fixed price (6N.com ) - 350565.com ($125)

    350565.com - $125 Paypal + godaddy push, or domain transfer. Post sold to claim Price reduced
  5. italsat

    offers 6n.com 989990,526661,523332,279927 & more

    looking offers for this 6n domains dot com : 989990.com 526661.com 523332.com 279927.com 535559.com 604470.com 646488.com 666334.com 704480.com 774077.com 788840.com 804490.com 840808.com 848584.com 988841.com 284000.com 250825.com 2XXXX7.com sold 2XXXX0.com sold 201050.com 1XXXX0.com sold...
  6. A

    fixed price Closed

  7. T

    fixed price 6N ---> NNNNNN.com <--- 6N

    Looking for good offers individually as well as for the lot. Thanks Domain Name - Registrar - Expires on - Additional Info 902039(.)com - GoDaddy - 07/10/2016 - Starts and Ends with 9 (00 99) 122301(.)com - GoDaddy - 07/10/2016 - Starts and Ends with 1 (11 22) 130201(.)com - GoDaddy -...
  8. 7


    looking for 500 plus portfolio of 6N, preferably 1000 plus. thanks.
  9. johnnywj

    offers 830300.com 768786.com 08882.co 6500.in ARE.INFO CVS.INFO B.Recipes and more then 200 other names

  10. Sfeary

    offers 033884.com / 688584.com / 788084.com & more 6N.com ~ Looking for offers!

    Looking for offers on the following 6N.com's. All are hosted at GoDaddy with good expiry dates. Ending with 84 - "forever prosperous”. 033884.com (expire - 10/12/2016) / Godaddy push / BIN: $200 688584.com (expire - 10/15/2016) / Godaddy push / BIN: $200 788084.com (expire - 10/10/2016) /...
  11. johnnywj

    offers Many good names for sale ARE.INFO 890900.COM TERA.NET BROCHURE.US EXPECT.BIZ 6500.IN OET.BIZ etc

  12. italsat

    offers 279927.com 121212.org 6161.info 6666.co.uk lot number domains

    look offer for this domains : 279927.com 6565b.com 2929k.com 646488.com oo90.com 1212300.com 848584.com 55000.org 6161.info 2200444.com 20100000.com 233477.com sold 112050.com 886469.com 7773334.com 121212.org 506690.com 526661.com 777334.com 666334.com 636669.com...
  13. 7

    Buying 2 years or older NNNNNN.COM, 6 digit. No recent registrations, please.

    Looking to buy 2 years or older NNNNNN.COM, in bulk. Must be reseller prices. Please PM me your names along with price and how long it is registered. If I am interested I will reply. still looking for more. Keep sending them via PM with prices & date of registration. Thank you!
  14. vital

    offers 5N.com, 6N.com, LLLL.com. 44600.com++

  15. 7

    buying in Bulk NNNNNN.com, 6 digit dot coms

    no "4" and no "0"(zero). PM me.
  16. vickyhunter

    offers 222029.com

    Taking offers for the following premium 6N .coms Triple pattern at the beginning. Most of these names sell for over $500 on GD auctions everyday. ***187.com (Exp: 2016-03-05) 222029.com (Exp: 2016-02-14) Registrar: GoDaddy Offers on Thread or PM Cheers, Vicky
  17. DmNBRoKeR

    auctions Godaddy Numeric Domain Auction 098800.com $20 start No Reserve !!!

    This Great domains name on Godaddy auction starting from $20 098800.com No reserve price !!! Waiting your best offers Warm Regards. Have A Nice Day.
  18. vital

    offers Ended

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