offers wanted

  1. picassoface

    Offers Wanted etc.....

    Taking offers on these.....
  2. picassoface

    Offers Wanted
  3. N

    Offers Wanted Offers wanted from 100K. I prefer DNEscrow of Buyer pays all escrow fees.

    Offers Wanted ....

  5. clasione

    Offers Wanted 200+ Old Domains - Make Offers (Portfolio) Hot Picks!!

    Paypal is fine for established DNFers. The majority of these domains are all with Wild West Domains and can be pushed to a new account for free, and then transferred anywhere whenever.. Feel free to post an offer and if I like it, I will reply by PM. Private offers can be made by private...
  6. wvspecialkvw

    Offers Wanted

    Grab this gem before Ethereum eclipses Bitcoin and leaves it in the dust.
  7. valery

    Short Domains

    make offer
  8. sadia

    Offers Wanted Estibot valuation:19k Created On:2003-04-21 Expires On: 2018-04-21 Registrar: Godaddy
  9. sadia

    Offers Wanted is a Premium aged domain, offers wanted for this most valuable domain Domain : Registrar: Godaddy Expiration: 23/08/18 Don't shy ,email at or PM Regards, sadianadir visit us @ :
  10. picassoface

    Offers Wanted Place a $90 bid at sedo and i will send it to auction....and maybe you have a name I would like, to do the same thing...
  11. G

    Offers Wanted,,, Registrar:Namecheap (current renewal fee $9.98) Expiry: 24 Oct 2018 Registrar:Namecheap (current renewal fee $9.98) Expiry: 24 Oct 2018 Registrar:Namecheap (current renewal fee $9.98) Expiry: 24 Oct 2018 Registrar:Namecheap...

    Offers Wanted

    looking for offers above $ 7500 for the domain ( ) fyi : sold last year for 10,000 euros offer via pm or whois email payoneer escrow - buyer pays fees domain at enom for easy push or transfer to your registrar
  13. C

    Offers Wanted MonkeyTurd and MonkeyTurds com

    MonkeyTurd and (s) .com. Make offer.
  14. R

    Offers Wanted - Online Business

    Selling Godaddy .
  15. vmgtch

    Offers Wanted (2009)

    Categories: Submit Your Insurance quotes, Contractor quotes, Credit Card quotes, Loan quotes, etc. Registrar: GoDaddy push PM offer.
  16. S

    Offers Wanted 4 Character .com Domains - Aged 10-15 years

    Hey DNF- I have a few 4 character domain names that I am looking to sell. If you are interested please PM me an offer or shoot me an email at - all my domains are registered through 1. - Age: 10 years 2. - Age: 15 years 3. -...
  17. yestome123

    Short Domains spelling domains If you have interest in these domains, please post the offer to me or you can sent the email to me , .
  18. M

    Offers Wanted VirtualGlasses [com]

  19. S

    Offers Wanted - Aged: 1998

    DNF - I am accepting offers for my aged domain name, this is great brandable domain that has literally been around for 19 years. If you are interested in making an offer, please PM me or shoot me an email at Thanks guys!
  20. S

    Offers Wanted - Aged - 1998

    Hey DNF - I have yet another domain that is aged and originally registered in 1998. It is 19 year old domain name perfect for the Internet Marketing community. If you're interested in my domain please do not hesitate to PM me or shoot me an email at
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