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  1. U

    offers Hatred.com

    Hatred.com must sell - reasonable offers only please
  2. onlinetv

    offers CannesTV.com for the Cannes film/music festivals

    There are many cultural events in Cannes, France. CannesTV.com broadcast live interviews and films from the festival in 1996. Every year there is a large typein for this site and it has been up and had content. Parked now, waiting for you. How about a pm with a good offer?
  3. picassoface

    offers knifepriceguide.com

    knifepriceguide.com offers please..... Big hobby, lots of collectors.
  4. onlinetv

    offers ciscokids.com

    Hey Cisco! Hey you! Great domain for lots of things. Cisco and high end systems, kids site, comedy, lots of things. Aged, once I had a real estate site and travel site on this domain. PM me with offers please>>
  5. lordsafkad

    offers Offers wanted for EFZ.NET and EFJ.NET

    EFZ.NET Created: 2002-05-15 Expires: 2017-05-15 EFJ.NET Created: 2003-04-10 Expires: 2017-04-10 Looking for serious offers, post or pm.
  6. picassoface

    offers Livres.co

    livres.co french for "books" please post or pm offers....or, if you make a $100 offer at sedo I will start a 7 day auction....
  7. R

    offers Party-Vegas.com , MacauParty.com

    www.Party-Vegas.com www.MacauParty.com www.SinCity.me Godaddy
  8. O

    offers 6888522.com

    6888522.com offers here or https://sedo.com/search/details/?domain=6888522.com&trackingRequestId=100510418&origin=search&partnerid=28884&language=d&p=2_1
  9. R

    offers AfterdarkVegas.com

    Selling www.AfterdarkVegas.com $99 ........................................................................................................... NOTE . THE DOMAIN AFTERDARKLASVEGAS.COM Sold for $1,450 .
  10. untitled

    short 93V.com

    I have received significant offers ( the highest offer was 10K via Sedo) on this in the last few years. However, I didn't need the money and had plans for developing this. Unfortunately, time has come for me to part ways with it to get funding for an app I am working on. Since there has been...
  11. Julio

    offers Favorite.City -- For Sale

  12. N

    offers List of domain for sale

    I have a list of domain name. Please make offer for individual domain via Private Message Istrategize.org (expire 5/25/2017) - godaddy Lifetimerewards.net (7/26/2017) - godaddy Cybergeek.org (7/18/2017) - godaddy eb5visapro.com (8/11/2017) - godaddy fast-mortgage-loan.com (8/11/2017) -...
  13. R

    offers SOLD

  14. R

    offers EdibleFlowers.org

    Selling www.EdibleFlowers.org Godaddy
  15. Julio

    offers NuevaYork.xyz ( New York ) - Poquer.xyz ( Poker )

  16. Julio

    offers NuevaYork.xyz ( New York ) - Poquer.xyz ( Poker )

    Double Post!
  17. R

    offers OvEr

  18. R

    offers SOLD

  19. O

    offers Poker.li

    selling this european top domain www.Poker.li PM me your offer thanks oppo
  20. Mike Cruz

    offers ~~~~~~~

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