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  1. S

    offers Seriez.net - Aged 16 years old

    Hey DNF! I have a domain that I am sitting on that was originally registered in 2001. I am looking for offers on my domain name Seriez.net, this domain gets around 22,200~ global monthly searches organically. I am looking for best offer. If you have any questions, please PM me or shoot me...
  2. ebiz

    offers ShippingandLogistics.com

    ShippingandLogistics.com, older domain namecheap, 3-15-18 OBO AbuseandAddiction.com namecheap , 7-24-18 DailyMemo.com great domain , well used phrase , $xxxx , Godaddy 7-9-18
  3. P

    offers FossilFuel.info

    Good Two-word dictionary domain name.
  4. clasione

    offers Murder.net - Generic Single Word

    Anyone still investing in .net domains? Here is one for you: Murder.net EstiBot Value: $ 17,000 USD Taking offers. Broad Match - murder Monthly Searches: 20,418,000 Average Monthly Search Stats - Exact Match - [murder] Monthly Searches: 74,415
  5. Devil Dog

    offers super fabulous movieplayer.com up for offer

    good day all, I have this developed domain movieplayer.com up for offer. registered at Enom for quick pushability Originally regged on 1997-11-11. expires on 2021-11-10
  6. R

    offers AtlanticCityForum.com $50

    Selling AtlanticCityForum.com $50
  7. dot.us

    offers ...

  8. picassoface

    offers CherryLicorice.com ....etc

    CherryLicorice.com BulkCoffeePods.com please pm offers.....tks....
  9. R

    offers Online Store , www.WatchMerch.com

    Selling www.WatchMerch.com
  10. R

    offers .

  11. A

    offers Bingo Domains

    Hi Guys. I am putting the following bingo domains on the market, some of these are premium and exact match domains. DOMAIN ---------- REG ----- EXPIREY bingoarticle.com 2011-06-14 2018-06-14 bingoblog.org 2011-06-14 2018-06-14 90bingo.com 2011-06-09 2018-06-09 bingocoupon.com...
  12. M

    offers RC.com.co

    Looking best offers for RC.com.co 2 letter Premium domain. Registered on - 2016/08/11 Expiration on - 2018/08/10 Comparable sales:- hm.com.co 10,000 USD mobile.com.co 15,000 USD casinos.com.co 10,320 USD
  13. D

    offers 3 .COM (Inc. HotAdvertisement.com, NewTutorial.com, OEIJ.com)

    For sale: HotAdvertisement.com NewTutorial.com OEIJ.com Please send your offers. Thanks.
  14. P

    offers FossilFuel.info - Fossil Fuels news

    Registrar: Moniker
  15. D

    offers Zoj.com for Sale!

    Zoj.com is for sale! Please send your offers. Thanks
  16. P

    offers IsraelBusiness.com - Business in Israel

    Registrar Moniker Asking price: $x,xxx
  17. picassoface

    offers JustDogFood.com

    JustDogFood.com Offers pls
  18. P

    offers USScience.com

    USScience.com Strong Brand for US market
  19. P

    offers OffshoreBanks.info

    OffshoreBanks.info Offshore Banks
  20. P

    offers UKScience.com - UK Science / Technology

    UKScience.com - UK Science / Technology news Registrar: Moniker
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