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  1. nubuck

    Offers Wanted (Since 1998) Registered in 1998 120 Million Google Search Results Global domain Average Monthly Search Stats - hispanics Monthly Searches: 823,000 Cost Per Click: $2.17USD Data Age: Recent is registered till 2019-07-23 As with any Logo or domain purchase buyer should do...
  2. haodomains

    Fixed Price Refiring(.)com - one word domain Deal

    one word domain Provide transfer auth code or Push Payment: Paypal, Escrow, Sedo, split the escrow fee BIN: 999$
  3. haodomains

    Offers Wanted - one word domain

    A good English word Provide transfer auth code Payment: Paypal,, Make your offers via pm

    Offers Wanted one word domain :

    looking for offers on the one word domain : offers via PM or via whois email only - do not post here ! messages without an offer or lowball offers will be ignored ! escrow ( paypal payment or we can take your charge though our payment system if we had transactions...
  5. nubuck

    Offers Wanted Premium Dot Nets: COPA.NET, BUCS.NET,BLACKS.NET, VESTS.NET

    Selling Premium one word dot Nets Substantial registration time remaining on all domains. Taking Offers (Estibot $14,000) BLACKS.NET Estibot $15,000 (Estibot $15,000) 916 Visitors last 15 days (Traffic Name)
  6. Asaf

    Auctions @ flippa will go to the highest bidder! - NO RESERVE! If you're a "Gerald" invested in the immense Software/Computing/Programming industries... Then you probably know that there are a whole lot of you "Geralds" out there embedded in the venturesome programming world! Only ONE of you will be...
  7. nubuck

    Offers Wanted SOLD

  8. nubuck

    Offers Wanted (Estibot $64,000) - Estibot Value $64,000 - Since 2003 - 85,400,000 Google Search Results Average Monthly Search Stats - Exact Match - [tents] Monthly Searches: 1,620,000 Cost Per Click: $1.34 USD Ad Competition: high Average Monthly Search Stats - Broad Match - tents Monthly Searches...
  9. webdom

    Fixed Price $5,000

    TURBO.INFO I have held this domain for a few years with the highest bid being $1,500. I have no problem holding this domain name for the next few years. Today I am seeing if someone sees the value in this domain as I do. The price is $5,000. If you are interested please contact me on this...
  10. Provider

    Offers Wanted

    Domain name for sale. Looking for offers.
  11. mannoo2005

    Auctions - Premium 1 Word Generic Dictionary Domain - Ultra Brandable - 15 Years Aged Brandable 1 Word Generic Dictionary Domain Almost 15 Years Old Registrar: GODADDY Expires: 7 months
  12. mannoo2005

    Auctions - Brandable Short & Premium 1 Word Domain Since 2001 - Rare Opportunity Brandable Short Premium 1 word Domain Almost 14 Years Old Registrar: GODADDY
  13. nubuck

    Fixed Price (Missing Children or Alien Abduction) Perfect Extension PRICE TO SELL (Missing Children or Alien Abduction) Perfect Extension 14,800 Exact Searches Expires ( 6/16/2016) Seeking $250
  14. mannoo2005

    Auctions Meals(.)biz @ Flippa - Aged PREMIUM Domain -->> 20,584,000 Monthly Searches Registrar: GODADDY Highly searched term: with a whopping 236 Million Google results (High Valuable Niche). Average Monthly Searches: 20,584,000 Age: Almost 13 Years Old Similar Domain Sells: $8,602 (Sedo) $1,738 (Sedo) $1,725 (Sedo)
  15. Domain Auction

    ccTLD | One Word Domain Name

    Happy new year! I am seeking offers for Please post your offer here or PM me... Thanks
  16. Domain Auction

    ccTLD | One Word Domain Name

    Happy new year! I am seeking offers for Please post your offer here or PM me... Thanks
  17. G

    Auctions Auction On Sedo

    Closed! Thank you!
  18. Asaf

    Auctions Countdown Starts - >>> <<< - Less Than 24 Hours Left!!! - Is Now for Auction @ Flippa! - $25 Billion Industry! (Hurry, Less than 24 hours left!!!) What kind of App/Game would you build for this domain? Bid to Own and join the rapidly growing $25 Billion App’s industry! - With More than 6.1M Monthly Searches, And Highly...
  19. italsat

    Lot Dot Info One Word All Gtld Taken , , And More Llll

    For sale a lot domains one word at best reseller price , 75$ > "50$ one day" each domain , post sold here : pr6 bin 250 <-----SOLD <-----SOLD
  20. italsat One Word Domain 12-15k Exact Search

    for sale Bin 4,5k