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  1. Ganewy

    Auctions - Old Dictionary One word .... Expires: 2017-12-12 Auction start: $1 Increments: $1+ BIN: $TBA Auction Ends: BIN or 72 hours after the last bid Transfer: Register push or transfer out Payment: Paypal (within 24 hours)
  2. S


    Under 7 chars, 3 would be preferable. Post domain with a BIN price, all "make an offer" posts ignored.
  3. Domain Master

    Auctions One word, 12 years old, hungry? * * Registrar: name(.)com Payment: Via Paypal Expires SEPT 7 2017 Auction start: $25 Increments: $1 or more Auction Ends: Auction ends 72 hours after the last bid (OR BIN) BIN is $100
  4. dvestors

    Fixed Price -----

  5. J


    I have a buyer looking for One Word .com's Generic keyword only, no made up words. Names like - Paradise, Links, Newyork, Tiger, just general stuff. Budget up to - $300,000, be realistic with pricing, this isn't the lottery. Must be .com Contact me here (Private Message ) or my website...
  6. Dorkside

    ccTLD One word .ca's, &

    I have available three one word .ca domains: - Asking $50 - Asking $100 - Asking $100 Please post sold here or start a private conversation to claim. Payment can be made via Paypal or an e-Transfer for my fellow Canadians.
  7. T

    Fixed Price $247, includes one year free on Many more, take a look Just $247 each which includes one years free listing on or which is the same. Pay by PayPal.
  8. uclaboyz

    One word .org or .com $10k budget no brandables!

    Already have in my portfolio: Welcoming new additions, please PM me with your name and price. Thank you, Steve
  9. Julio Any thoughts on this one

  10. M

    Wanted - One word .com's ( max budet $7,000 )

    Wanted - One word .com's ( max budet $7,000 ) , please put price on pm too. No domains reg'd last week, and no domains in .net etc....... Money ready to spend via Escrow on the right name. I am looking for an investment. Please PM me. Thanks
  11. robertsz

    Offers Wanted LLLL.coms L-L N-N One words +

    Taking offers on: LLLL - You from New Jersy - Double O Nevada - MMA - Popular First Name Popular N-L Keywords - i7 iphone or computer - Bedroom ./ Adult? One Word (all combos...
  12. yestome123

    One Two Three,Ready gooooo! One for all,all for one. 1 for 3, 3 for 1. 143,want for sell!!!! Waiting for your PM……