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  1. S

    .com Sesaba.com, prosecurityalarms.com, 101wizard.com and others $15 each

    bahamabeachresort.com Expires: 2022/01/11 prosecurityalarms.com Expires: 2022/03/23 101wizard.com Expires: 2022/02/06 vikingdaggers.com Expires: 2022/03/16 sesaba.com Expires: 2021/08/04 royalsproduct.com Expires: 2021/10/05 primetesti.com Expires: 2021/10/05 eamince.com Expires...
  2. nubuck

    offers PORNEX.COM (High Traffic) 751,013 Back Links Plus 12% CTR

    Pornex.com Since 2000 (Gets quite a bit of Traffic and has external Back links of of 751,013) screenshot below https://domainindex.com/domains/pornex.com Pornex.com Traffic from Aug 18th- Sept 3rd = 7500 visitors (Screenshot #766) I will include both Pornex.com and Pornex.org Pornex.com (...
  3. clasione

    offers Single Word .Com - Intendedly.com - One Word .com Domain

    intendedly.com $ 9,000 This premium domain name is available for purchase! https://www.valuableaddress.com/domain/intendedly.com/
  4. robertsz

    One word .com / net / org

    Looking for REAL words One word .com / net / org I am a reseller. Keep that in mind when sending prices :) Must include prices. Budget $1-$1000 depending on the name. Thanks
  5. M

    one word .com domains wanted, budget $8,000 reseller price

    looking for one word .com domains, budget $8,000 , must be reseller prices. PM ME
  6. mannoo2005

    offers Aged, ONE WORD .com and .net, DHOLES.COM,GRASPERS.COM, CRUSES.NET, .....

    ** Send your offer for each name separately [here or PM] ** There are REAL GEMS here, one word .com domains & one word .net domains & keyword domains. ** Still time till renewal [Godaddy Registration] Permissibility.com Graspers.com Dholes.com Zimbabwean.net Cruses.net Couter.net...
  7. Mohit98

    fixed price GENITIVES.COM Just- $25 (Generic Word)

    GENITIVES.COM (generic word) Estibot- $470 Expires- 15/10/2017 Transfer- Push (Godaddy Only) Payment- Paypal BIN- $25
  8. nubuck

    offers Analitics.com

    Analitics.com (Logo Included) This represents a great investment or development opportunity for the right buyer Domain Traffic: https://domainindex.com/domains/analitics.com April 28th- June 24th Screenshot #372 - Exact Match Domain -Aged dot com - High Estibot and Domain Index...
  9. nubuck

    offers RELATES.COM (SOLD) !

    Relates.com SOLD
  10. nubuck

    offers Emphyzema.com

    Emphyzema.com Since 2003 Type-in traffic Taking Offers Above $850
  11. cybermonkey

    offers OVER

  12. nubuck

    offers Thoroughly.com 121,000 EXACT SEARCHES, $30,000 Estibot Value, 16 Years Old

    Thoroughly.com - One word dot com - Since Jan. 2000 -121,000 Exact Searches -$30,000 Estibot Value - High Domain index value -Registered till 2017 - Consistent Type- in Traffic -A Global domain A chance to own a Premium, one word, .com. (Perfect for mobile devices) Exact match domain...
  13. nubuck

    offers Scubas.com Registered in 1999 Seeking $1050 or Best Offer

    Scubas.com Created on 1999-08-24 - Expires on 2016-08-24 Seeking $1,050 or Offers
  14. cybermonkey

    fixed price PartyShops.com, TennisTeachers.com, EmploymentAds.com

  15. I

    fixed price Bucqet.com - Bucket hack

    Bucqet.com Pretty great hack or bucket.
  16. Shailendra Mishra

    fixed price Havii.com (sounds like Heavy.com)

    Very easily brandable because of resemblance to hugely popular word HEAVY but with simpler spelling. 5 Letter short pronounceable and premium letters. More than 10 Years Old domain 11 months till expiry. Free push to godaddy. Price: $439 PM me your question or post SOLD here. Offer is good...
  17. nubuck

    offers Novocaine.com 49,500 EXACT SEARCHES, 19 Years Old, PRICED TO SELL !

    This domain has been aged 19 years and has a whopping 49,500 Exact Monthly Searches on Google alone! This could be the most popular website in the world for information on Novocaine. This is the perfect Tld for the term(Dot com) Low Reserve Price Generic Name Latin nov-(meaning new) and...
  18. Daniel Levi

    auctions Giggled.com- Ending TODAY- RESERVE MET at GoDaddy- One Word .com

    Reserve met! Giggled.com auction ending 90 minutes from the time of this post.. https://auctions.godaddy.com/trpItemListing.aspx?&miid=168111208
  19. pickle813


    Nowse.com, pronounced nose e Reg'd @godaddy. $500. PM me
  20. italsat

    Lot Domains High Estibot Wigs.info Anacharis.com Livesport.org

    Look offer for this domains : Anacharis.com one word domain estibot 6,400$ product selling on ebay with key anacharis cpc 1,32$ Windows7.info estibot 16,000$ with 9 million search monthly cpc 1,44$ Wigs.info 2001 reg estibot 14,000$ cpc 1,01$ Gxal.com LLLL domain Aoqn.com LLLL domain...
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