1. N

    appraise 7 wallet OR pay domains,The best e-commerce wallet! This is my wallet domain name. Which one do you think is better, pay or wallet?

    Closed Expires: May 11, 2020 GoDaddy Estimated Value: $1,253 Comparable Domains Sold: $4,950 $1,788 $1,266 $1,200 >>>>> Registrar: This domain will only be pushed into your Dynadot account. <<<<< NO RESERVE If you are looking...
  3. KoverPL


    Domains listed on sedo, feel free to give your price! :)
  4. davidnyang

    fixed price -------------- Registrar: Fixed Price: $500
  5. dancarl

    $25 .ca's or pay $75 on the TBR? (25 names /.com/net)

    Some .ca's and .com's pick them up here for $25 ea or try your luck on the drop. ( website that needs updating, $25 is for domain only...
  6. JDD

    BUG: Cannot pay with Paypal

    Hello, I was trying to signup for a membership on this site for a few days now but everytime I selected paypal, I would get some odd message saying the module was not setup correctly. I did use the contact us form but never received a response so I just moved forward with paying via credit...
  7. Bob

    fixed price 179 - (, - $5/each, $2.50/each if pay by BTC.

    179 names. LLLL names are the rage right now! Price: $5/each via Paypal 0.004 BTC/each via Bitcoin (400,000 satoshi, which is $2.50/each) Yes, you get and additional 50% off for using Bitcoin. All domains expire 10/27/2016 or 10/17/2016 (i.e. they have 2 weeks left). Price to...
  8. amiable

    fixed price Registrar- 1and1 Expiring- Sap 2016 Start- $11 Increament- $5 or more BIN- TBA Payment- Paypal / escrow
  9. ronabr


    PM offers.
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