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    Please appraise
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  3. RushManX

    Fixed Price or any other domain - $199

    Hello all, I am selling any of my domains for $199 until 1/31/17. Please do let me know if you should have any interest. Thanks.
  4. worldfog

    Fixed Price SOLD

  5. worldfog

    Fixed Price | BIN: $49 | With Viral Website

    Hello Selling this domain with website. Features: Powerful Admin Panel Responsive Layout SEO FRIENDLY Two SEO Url MEDIA UPLOAD – images, videos from computer and from url. REAL3D FLIPBOXES NIS MEDIA and Facebook Comments NSFW USER PROFILE & FOLLOW & POINTS Badges system for users...
  6. worldfog

    Fixed Price - BIN: $199

    Hello, Domain name for sale! [ Searches: 90,70,00,000 ] BUY: $199 Only Registered: Name Next Renewal: 5/2016 Payment: PayPal Thank you!
  7. worldfog

    Fixed Price 4 Char .xyz Domains for sale -, etc

    Hello, Domains for sale! $195 $195 $195 $195 $195 $195 $195 $195 Other .xyz $89 $140 Registered: Namecheap Next Renewal: 7/2016 Payment: PayPal What is Generation XYZ? Generation XYZ is...
  8. P

    Fixed Price 12 domains .com premium domains 12 months to go

    Hello all, the following domains are open to offers, they are all under a week old, premium words .com BUYPETCARE.COM $200.00 CENTRAL-GARDENS.COM $200.00 DIGIMAXCLOUD.COM $200.00 DIVORCEGAYLAWYER.COM $200.00 EQUALITY-MARRIAGE.COM $200.00 HEALTHCAREBABY.COM $200.00 HOMOPHILEMARRIAGE.COM $200.00...
  9. graham

    Auctions Ended

  10. Claypere

    4 Char or Less Offers YGRG.COM AND FKJS.COM (No Vowel Domains)

    Entertaining offers for the following domains: YGRG.COM FKJS.COM No vowel domains. Please only PM. Thanks :)
  11. graham

    Auctions Ended

  12. Claypere

    Offers Wanted ( Sold for $32,000)

    Looking for offers in the $xxx range for Similar Sales include: - $32,000 - $8000 - $5,217 Please PM only. Highest offer received $250. Looking for higher. Thanks
  13. Claypere

    Offers Wanted Closed

  14. Kent Lucky Buhawe

    Fixed Price TFTL.NET - 4 Letter Premium Domain name

    Domain Name: TFTL.NET Registrar: GoDaddy Date of Expiration: 6/09/2016 The TFTL.COM is already registered and for sale at US$14,950 Please make your offer now to get this premium domain. Forms of accepted Payment: Paypal Free Godaddy Push
  15. graham

    Auctions closed

  16. Arturo IM

    ( Read more at: Premium Spanish domains./Algunos dominios premium en español A los interesados contacte enviando un mensaje a través del correo de o envíenme un whatsapp al número que figura en la...
  17. tm4life

    Inhalents .com | One Word | Estibot $5,200

    Inhalents .com Please post offers in this thread or PM me. Offers received - $350
  18. D,, And Many More! Make Offer

    I am clearing my portfolio of domains to raise funds for a big project. Please feel free to make offers on the following domains: