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    .COM Premium Domain FOR SALE Check Description

    Name: Registrar : Namecheap DR : 72 Backlinks : 10 million Dofollow: 80% Referring Domains: 1949
  2. ** Premium Domain Name Auction on Portingo **

    ************************** Investment & Premium grade English keyword PANTIE.COM Domain Auction ****************************************************** Domain : PANTIE.COM Category : Industry : Garment / Lingerie Business Age : Very Old Reserve Range: $ 5000 - $10000 Estibot Value : $76000...
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    .COM Isolation Domains For Sale -

    Hi Everyone For Sale I Have 2 Domains - SelfIsolationCoin.Com And IsolationCoin.Com - Would Be Good For A Crypto Website Or A New Cryptocurrency To Help People During These Times. Open To Offers
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    .COM Hot portfilio For your offers - womenboxer com

    -Bulk offers accepted -Single offers accepted -domains Push only to The same registrar - Payments: Paypal, Escrow, Wire Transfer, there is no domain under 10 month to exp dynadot ....... tuveux com smartphone-deals com womenboxer com gmcautos com itismyhouse com find-loan com...
  5. zpattern

    Auctions | | - Live Domain Name Auctions! <<< Bid Today! <<< Bid Today! <<< Bid Today!
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    .COM 'HUMAN SCUM' - : US political domain. Offers at


    Dear Domain Investors, We are glad to inform you that the below assets are now up for sale on Portingo under Offer/BuyNow category: Premium Assets: • DRONE.CX –> OFFER $499 • BOLTS.ORG –> OFFER $499 Featured Assets: • MUSCAT.IO –> BUYNOW $1999 • WILDPROFIT.COM –>...

    4 Char or Less Offers Offers needed for KOJJ.COM and SMUY.COM

    Dear Domain Investors, We are glad to inform you that the below assets are now up for sale on Portingo under Offer/BuyNow category: Premium Assets: • KOJJ.COM –> MINIMUM OFFER $499 • SMUY.COM –> MINIMUM OFFER $499 Visit website: Here's 5 reasons why people love using...
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    My Premium domains || Need your appraisals
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    .COM ownsup (owns up)

    Hi Guys. Can you kindly appraise the value of Please. Thanks.
  11. nubuck

    Offers Wanted PORNEX.COM (High Traffic) 751,013 Back Links Plus 12% CTR Since 2000 (Gets quite a bit of Traffic and has external Back links of of 751,013) screenshot below Traffic from Aug 18th- Sept 3rd = 7500 visitors (Screenshot #766) I will include both and (...
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    Fixed Price Premium .com domains $250 each

    Premium .com domains $250 each Can do a deal for multiple domains. PM me with the domains you'd like to buy, and we can take it from there
  13. Mohit98

    Fixed Price BERM.CO Just- $25 (Estibot - $1200)

    BERM.CO (Generic one word) Registrar- Godaddy Expires- sept 2017 Transfer- Push (Godaddy only) Payment- Paypal Note- Chance to grab one word very cheap
  14. nubuck

    Offers Wanted ERADICATION.COM (110,000 Exact Searches) ! - Exact Match Domain -13 Years Old Since 2003 - High Estibot and $30,000 Domain Index - 110,000 Exact Searches Google Keyword Planner - 137,500 Exact Searches- domain index - 12.8 Million Google Search Results - Registered till 2017 -A Global Domain -All Major...
  15. pyogi

    Auctions @ Flippa Auction 13 years old Premium Domain with Estibot Valuation: $860
  16. nubuck

    Offers Wanted WEEDSOIL.COM 50 Million Search Results Taking offers
  17. J

    Looking for advice to choose a US broker. Millions deal

    Hello, this post its to look for advice to choose the right broker to work with us to call and deal with potential customer. Please recommend the right guy to handle this business My name is Jose and with my partner have about 200 domain names some of then registered more than 15 years ago...
  18. quadnames

    Offers Wanted - One word dictionary

    Owned this name since 1999ish. Looking for fair offers.
  19. nubuck

    Offers Wanted (logo included) The online market for razor blades barely existed a few years ago, yet Americans have taken to it quickly: Web sales of men’s shaving gear in the U.S. have nearly doubled in the 12 months through May to $263 million, according to estimates from Slice Intelligence...
  20. nubuck

    Fixed Price PR3 Domain, Since 1996, Revenue PR3 domain 19 Years Old ! Recent Parking Traffic stats for PR3 October 14th- October 23rd =166 visitors Revenue for same dates $12.33 I do not guarantee continued parking stats High PR3 rank (helps in page position) Great Potential for free traffic and ad...