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    Brand New Domain Names and Websites for Sale Portal Launched Today!

    Hi Fellow Domainers, Today I am thrilled to officially launch my company Azam Marketing's brand new domain name trading website! My programmers and designers have spent months working on it. See the video in which I announce our new portal by going here. In the video I also launch a...
  2. C on auction @Flippa (low reserve)

    Fellow DNF members, I am auctioning the premium domain on Huge potential for example as a social media shortener. Check it out! 12 days to go.

    Fixed Price 2 premium Domains : & !!

    i personally registered BOTH of these domains BEFORE the first iphone ever was produced !! so please spare me with ignorant remarks of trademark interfering ( i own trademarks myself and know a little about them too ) i personally registered on june 6th 2006 and on may...
  4. HeyVic

    .FIT Premium Domains w BIN < $1000 @ Uniregistry

    BUY NOW priced under $1000 each at Uniregistry Market
  5. DomainName

    Fixed Price BIG Domain List including

    Only $25/Each SOLD SOLD Limited-Time Offer Payment via Paypal All...
  6. mannoo2005

    Offers Wanted Premium Domains Portfolio including Uofy.Com, Cruses.Net, Graspers.Com, Ovules.Net, ....

    Accept offers for these domainsin single or bulk [Send your offer here or PM] Most of domains are well aged, with enough period in registration:
  7. Bartender

    Offers Wanted Spring clean – 48 aged premium domains in various niches, mostly .com

    Taking serious offers, through PM or in this thread. Transaction through GoDaddy push only for all domains (except for, 2010, 2005, 2005, 2006, 2011, 2010...
  8. DomainName

    Fixed Price BIG Domain List incl

    SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD Payment via Paypal All Domains held at uniregistry Push only to uniregistry account Multi-Forum Post Post Sold or send PM. First-Come First Serve Thanks!
  9. getchaname + More Premium Domains

    These are premium domains perfect for all kinds of different projects and even resale. The pricing is for a limited time. Pm the domain or domains you would like to purchase and I will take them down accordingly. Paypal and eCop accepted $19 ea.
  10. Vern

    Fixed Price,,, $100ea.

    $100 each. PayPal preferred. All are .com's... Please specify domain and mark SOLD...
  11. Vern

    Offers Wanted,, +more!

    Offers Wanted, PayPal ok...
  12. B

    Offers Wanted Some Premium Domains With Good Metrics Looking for Offers & More (Single Word) 11 Years Old Since 2005 Reg'd at Godaddy Offer from $xxx 8 Years Old Since 2008 Reg'd at Godaddy Offer from $xxx 9 Years Old Since 2007 Reg'd at Godaddy Offer from $xxx 12 Years Old Since 2004 Reg'd at...
  13. T

    Offers Wanted Premium Domains for sale -

    Few premium domain for sale. Please send me your offer and we can negotiate. Thank you.
  14. Blink

    Buying Premium Domains

    Hello. Pm your domain with price. Budget is $XXX,XXX Best regards.
  15. LinkShoppe1

    Fixed Price

    Offer on this domain it is sale on NAMERIFIC.COM too check my other domains at and **OFFER** **OFFER** **OFFER**
  16. Vinexa

    Looking for 50 4L .com Domains

    Hey Guys and Gals, Looking for reasonable priced premium chip 4L.coms Email me at, Skype me, or PM me Thanks for the help and happy holidays!
  17. Vinexa

    Broker For Sale