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  1. Vinexa

    Broker For Sale

  2. ansarph And More Offers Wanted

  3. clus03

    Domain Portfolio And More

    Domains for sale: $1500 each Price for entire portfolio is $15000 - $3000 less then if buying all individually
  4. Domain Auction

    ccTLD | One Word Domain Name

    Happy new year! I am seeking offers for Please post your offer here or PM me... Thanks
  5. Domain Auction

    ccTLD | One Word Domain Name

    Happy new year! I am seeking offers for Please post your offer here or PM me... Thanks
  6. B

    Fixed Price Fxbm,com

    FXBM.COM - > Forex Brokers Managers , Forex Brokers Market. BIN $15K. | Via | Post sold to claim. ============================================== Billion Dollar Forex Marketplace. Related companies,,, FXBM even better, Premium Domain. Aged, Since 2003...
  7. Vern

    No Lines, No Waiting! And More! Most Under $50

    This list of short, simple and straight to the point, .COM names, with prices included, is NOT a waste of your time, I promise... Too often we see lists of domains put together by newbies and it leaves us all scratching our heads as to why ANYONE would... Well, you know the rest of that...
  8. Solcatalyst

    Xxnxx (.) Us - 2 Million Plus Searches - premium adult Domain! Serious inquiries only. Make offer - pm or email at:
  9. Vern

    Offers Wanted;,,

    Great list of rare keyword .COM's (make offer for one, some, or all),
  10. Solcatalyst | | Make Offer - All Aged

    HCPC.NET - health acronym with great searches! 74S.NET - easy memorable 3 character fomain. P3D.ORG - 3D on the rise "Printing 3D" ALSO: FKK.CO | JSON.MOBI FKK - great LLL with great searches. JSON - million searches, laser targeted "web tech and design" coding. BIG PROFITABILITY ALL AGED...
  11. aishwin


  12. fasmail

    Auctions 10-hrs To Go = = Just $10 On Flippa

    Excellent investment: Premium Domain For Sale There are reasons why .io domains have recently become so popular with businesses, individuals, and shrewd domain investors... They're short, sound good, and .io domains perform well in Google's search results. The reason for...
  13. Vern,,

    Lot's of potential here folks. All three are premium .com's! receives really nice traffic and is a dictionary word, is a well-known, world-wide "sleep-aide", and includes two highly searched keywords. Accepting offers. Will gladly use...
  14. Vern,,

    Listening to offers on the following 3 .com's... Thanks.; 5 letter, dictionary word with steady traffic.; world-wide well-known phrase.; huge online business potential.
  15. mannoo2005

    Auctions --> @ Flippa - Premium 1 Word Generic Dictionary Domain - ---> Selling This domain in Flippa Check Details and Bids Here ...
  16. J For Sale. 5,400 Exacts A Month In Google!

    Hi everyone for a short time i'm looking to sell the domain It is a terrific domain in the 3d printing market. The exact term PRINTER 3D alone gets 5,400 exact a month and growing. According to Google's keyword planner in March 2014 it got 6,600 so it's growing the whole time and...
  17. Asaf

    Auctions @ Flippa - 7 Days Auction - Come Check It Out >> - Exact Match, 5 Years Old Premium Domain Name! More than 7,503 Related Products! Open bid only 1$ (low reserve). Don't FLUSH away your passing chance to own this Unique Asset! Click Here to Read the Auction Description >>
  18. mannoo2005

    Auctions Ending Soon - "" - No Reserve @ Flippa

    This NO RESERVE auction is coming to end in 1 hour - this 1 word dictionary domain still in very affordable price although appraised up to $2000 from Flippa users. Check it here:

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  20. J For Sale. Bought For $3k Years Ago!

    Hi guys for a limited time I am accepting offers on this awesome brandable domain name. It is 14 years old, the domain is very valuable for those selling products and services. Many products/services have to do with giving people an ego boost to make them feel better about themselves, lose...