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  1. S

    external ToursBio.com - Premium Domain Name For Sale ...

    ToursBio.com - Premium Domain Name . - Suitable for Travel and Trips Category . - Suitable for Tourism Offices and Companies - 8 Letters Only . Registered with : Sav Renewal Price : 8.69 / year Renewal Date : 06/ Sep / 2022 Payment Options : Paypal Available Also...
  2. 0xcm1k3

    .com HIGH TRAFFIC domains for sale ( $25 each ) - just4shoes.com & 5 others

    Domains : FreeBonusTips.com [ e.g. can be used for giveaways bloggers / cashback services / ads platforms / PTC platforms ... ] shopofminers.com [ e.g. can be used for crypto related/mining/trading/shop ... ] fitness-drops.com [ e.g. can be used for fitness related-blog / supplement store ... ]...
  3. 0xcm1k3

    traffic 247goldtraders.com | good traffic /m

    Hello, I am offering you my premium domain. Description : - Premium .COM domains - trading/crypto business industry - All the domain names are in ENGLISH - Easy to remember names - attractive names and traffic gainer keywords 247goldtraders.com [ e.g. trading/crypto industry ... ] Registrar...
  4. quadnames

    Announcement and launch of ReturnOnInvestment.com

    I have launched www.ReturnOnInvestment.com. A website featuring good sold domain names. Besides announcing its launch, I would love to solicit feedback from the forum community. I am slowing adding names as I go since I make all of my logos myself. in the very near future, I will offer...
  5. Furquan

    news Cope.com bought by CopeCart for $138,000

    Online invoicing service provider CopeCart.com bought single dictionary ultra-premium domain name Cope.com last week from long time domain investor Greg Ricks. The domain was sold for $138,000 and currently forwarding to CopeCart.com
  6. S

    .com [HOT] Domain names for Sale - nowtrending.net

    Hello Community, I am selling the following domains. octuples.com myflightmiles.com HOT! coreaudits.com HOT! nowtrending.net HOT! catchtheapp.com HOT! taptapfind.com HOT! unforeign.com gadgygadgets.com HOT! youritalianguide.com outletbros.com HOT! thinksucess.com HOT! cyber-society.org HOT...
  7. Matheus Oliveira

    .com 9 Domains for sale! $25-50 (BIN) | CarRace.info+(biz) | HotProtection.com | BatteryPlate.com +

    DOMAIN LIST ---------------------------------------------- Domain: CarRace.info REG: Godaddy EXP: 09/11/2021 Trasfer: Push BIN: $50 ($15 PayPal) ---------------------------------------------- Domain: CarRace.biz REG: Godaddy EXP: 09/11/2021 Trasfer: Push BIN: $50 ($15 PayPal)...
  8. A

    .com hellolx.com

    Brandable domain with high traffic keyword hello with 1Million monthly google searches. Registrar - Dynadot Renewal Price - $6.99 Renewal Date - Aug 2021 Payment Options - Sedo or Dan or Paypal Offers are invited
  9. C

    Broker needed to sell 3 x COVID .com Domain names - 40% commission

    Hi, I am looking to sell 3 x COVID related Domain names, will pay 40% commission on each sale. testtrackandtrace.com - globally recognized phrase now for COVID Test Track and Trace rrate1.com - global reference to the virus reproduction rate of 1 - R Rate 1 contacttraceblock.com - one for the...
  10. N

    .com 84 domains package for sale| largestdrone.com "

    bachelorshow.com bachelorshow.online bookversus.online daisyvariety.com daisyvariety.online dutytour.com dutytour.online jessua.com jessua.online smartgloom.com smartgloom.online smartproud.com smartproud.online downgoing.online frostlane.online downgoing.com ecoclothing.store...
  11. F

    .com xcitrus.com and xproper.com

    Hi there, Please go to www. godaddy . com to complete purchase. xcitrus.com - £20,654.33 xproper.com - £57,832.12 Many thanks.
  12. ansarph

    .com Shellz.com Brandable Premium Name

    Shellz.com Brandable Premium Name Send Your Offer Payment Method Bitcoin
  13. M


    This is currently on Godaddy.com Expires: 04/2021 Taking offers or fill free to bid on Godaddy Auction: auctions.godaddy.com/trpItemListing.aspx?&miid=322967099 LivePoker.com is being sold by Epik domains for $850,000 I don't think its worth that much, but this may be a rare time that a TLD...
  14. S

    .com 360°'s domain for sale - luke360

    https ://www. ukfast .co.uk/hosting-news/360-investments-to-sell-domain-names .html ---- Article that shows how popular 360° domains are. Also you can check sedo and just type "360" term. whos360.com for sale luke360.com for sale LiveEarth360.com for sale qis360.com for sale casino213.com for...
  15. M

    gtld PESO.AR for sell

    New extension .AR (Argentina). PESO.AR Available for sell or rent. "Peso" it's Argentina currency. Accept offers in crypto (BTC or XMR), USD or EUR. Direct buy or Third-Party (Escrow, Sedo or DAN)
  16. graham


    Offers invited at Ebay First registered 2009 Registered at Dynadot - Dynadot transfer only Expiry April 2021
  17. brianlaughlan

    offers zenadvice.com

    Premium 2 word domain name. Perfect for an advice/consulting platform. Registrar: GoDaddy Payments: Escrow, Wire Transfer Starting bid: $10500 Offers welcome - I will respond via PM. Also Included: Logo design files (see preview above) facebook.com/zenadvice twitter.com/zenadvice...
  18. brianlaughlan

    offers gigfly.com

    Super short 6 letter premium domain name. Perfect for a live video streaming app. Registrar: GoDaddy Payments: Escrow, Wire Transfer Last valuation (BrandBucket): $12,000 Starting bid: $8500 Offers welcome - I will respond via PM. Also Included: Logo design files (see preview above)
  19. brianlaughlan

    offers makeupmarket.com

    Premium 2 word domain name. Perfect for an e-commerce store/app in the beauty industry. Registrar: GoDaddy Payments: Escrow, Wire Transfer Last valuation (BrandBucket): $24,000 Starting bid: $9500 Offers welcome - I will respond via PM. Also Included: Logo design files (see preview above)...
  20. S

    .com Luxury-Broker.com (and more)

    Hi guys you will find all my premium domains for sale on the website: domainmarketplace.ch Pls send me an offer in DAN.com or DM: cheers, Alex ###################### luxurypodium.com luxury-store.net luxurystores.net luxurycdn.net luxurycdn.com memex.se crypto-forum.ch bountyhunter.ch...
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