1. Pawan S

    Offers Wanted

    Great Domain For Lover Gift Site... Pm me your offer...if any Expire Date : 2018-Feb-13
  2. E

    Fixed Price Two Premium .Com Drone Domain Names

    Two premium drone domain names for sale: and Both with GoDaddy, and we would welcome escrow. Both for $10,000.00 USD.
  3. S

    Fixed Price Premium .com domains $250 each

    Premium .com domains $250 each Can do a deal for multiple domains. PM me with the domains you'd like to buy, and we can take it from there
  4. Domain Master

    4 Char or Less Offers ------

  5. italsat

    4 Char or Less Fixed and premium CCVC $1200 CVVV $1200 2 rare pattern , possible 50,000 + for a end user . Payment via paypal or Multi Forum Post , First Come Fisrt Served.

    Offers Wanted and Aged, Premium Domain Names Go on Sale! and (may split) Premium, pronounceable nine character .com domain names are rare. Inbound links to long-established UK website. Please email with serious offer if interested. Thank you.
  7. marcusofplymouth

    Fixed Price Premium Domain Portfolio inc.,,,,

    Hi all. I am selling out of domain names to concentrate on my other businesses. My portfolio consists of: Super-premium one-word .com and - 1 x, - 23 x, - 7 x - Various brand-able and keyword domains You will find a list of the domains on this page...
  8. Joeypops

    Auctions MTV STAR OWNED News Website for sale w/882 subscribers 5k uniques/m

    Hi everyone, My name is Joey Pappas I started with idea of becoming a big media outlet. I had the fight and the urge. I mean all people do now of days is go online to check the news or some crazy video so I combined them both. I will help advertise this website on my social media...
  9. Joeypops

    Offers Wanted Premium domain This is a premium domain name on name cheap Acne Treatment is going for $1,888.99 Acne Treatments Is a better domain name due to the fact that Acne treatments with a laser is done with treatments and not just a single treatment. This is a...
  10. E

    Offers Wanted Premium Domain: 13 year old domain USA Alexa Rank: 500k Customer/Email list also available at additional cost PM Offers
  11. C

    Fixed Price - Premium domain for skateboarding, snowboarding, wakeboarding, kiteboarding etc

    500 USD. Premium domain for skateboarding, snowboarding, wakeboarding, kiteboarding etc
  12. LightsOfRay

    Broker Broker wanted on premium .Me collection

    PM me for details and state your (REASONABLE) rate
  13. princess333

    Fixed Price

    GoDaddy Premium Domain Over 200+ schools around the world has the name Cambridge For sale only for 199$

    Offers Wanted Premium Domain:

    looking for serious offers on this premium domain : payoneer escrow / domain at enom for fast push or transfer offers by private message or whois email only will only respond to messages that contain offers and are of interest ! min. offer mid $ xx,xxx
  15. robertsz

    Masturbating .net Premium Keyword gem

    Masturbating dot net Up for offers :)
  16. robertsz

    Offers Wanted Premium Gem 16+ years old (For) letter T WOW At Godaddy 3 Character .com has the AVG price of a at $5,000 Looking for offers. This name has been getting a lot of attention lately. Ready to move. Thanks!

    Fixed Price 2 premium Domains : & !!

    i personally registered BOTH of these domains BEFORE the first iphone ever was produced !! so please spare me with ignorant remarks of trademark interfering ( i own trademarks myself and know a little about them too ) i personally registered on june 6th 2006 and on may...
  18. robertsz

    Offers Wanted Masturbating .net TOP Premium Keyword gem

    Masturbating dot net Up for sale Premium one work keyword Top three searched term on video sites!
  19. WINNA

    Offers Wanted 13 One Word Premium Coms Serious Offers.