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  1. S

    external Payicons.com - Premium Domain Name Now For Sale ...

    Payicons.com - Premium Domain Name . - Suitable for Banking and Money . - Real Two Words . - 8 Characters Only . Registered with : Dynadot Renewal Price : 8.99 / year Renewal Date : 29 / Mar / 2022 Payment Options : Paypal Available Also For Sale on : Sedo - Dan - Go...
  2. R

    .com father.com for sale!!!

    The owner of father.com has authorized us to sell this domain to a buyer who would have a serious offer. Please contact me if you would have any interest in it.
  3. Furquan

    news Marketing.com sold for $2.5 million

    The premium ultra-hot niche single word .COM domain name Marketing.com is sold for 2.5 million dollars. The seller larry Fischer announced it in a tweet.
  4. 0xcm1k3

    .com PREMIUM AFFORDABLE DOMAINS | Just4Shoes.com , 247goldtraders.com , and 4 others

    Hello, I am offering you my premium domains. Feel free to PM me your offers. Domains : FreeBonusTips.com [ e.g. can be used for giveaways bloggers / cashback services / ads platforms / PTC platforms ... ] shopofminers.com [ e.g. can be used for crypto related/mining/trading/shop ... ]...
  5. eddyvince

    .com ikeit.com - A 5 letter domain you can own AND other Premium Domains

    First of all, I am a serious seller and open to offers. If I think the price is right, we shall transact, no blufffffffff. ikeit.com laptopdesigns.com easyshortcuts.com sneakersclearance.com capturedstory.com
  6. B


    Hi I want to sell my super-premium Alpha Numeric Domain name on sale USANEWS24.COM OFFER TO OTHER OF THE SAME CATEGORY AS BELOW:- ULTRA365.COM FIFA24.COM
  7. nubuck

    offers HIGH VALUE DOMAINS (MDPH.COM Estibot $164,000) Sue.info (DVDRelease.com) TVLCD.COM ( $200,000 + Estibot Value)

    List of High Estibot Value Names (Some with Traffic) RTLNOW.COM (Estibot $137,000) High value Traffic = 2,914 Visitors, 578 Clicks and $ 23.47 Revenue 20.34 % CTR _________________________________________________________ Friv.tv (Estibot $230,000) Exact Searches Keyword [friv] Monthly...
  8. S

    .com 231160.com Premium Domain FOR SALE Check Description

    Name: 231160.com Registrar : Namecheap DR : 72 Backlinks : 10 million Dofollow: 80% Referring Domains: 1949
  9. Portingo.com

    Pantie.com ** Premium Domain Name Auction on Portingo **

    ************************** Investment & Premium grade English keyword PANTIE.COM Domain Auction ****************************************************** Domain : PANTIE.COM Category : Industry : Garment / Lingerie Business Age : Very Old Reserve Range: $ 5000 - $10000 Estibot Value : $76000...
  10. T

    .com Isolation Domains For Sale - SelfIsolationCoin.com

    Hi Everyone For Sale I Have 2 Domains - SelfIsolationCoin.Com And IsolationCoin.Com - Would Be Good For A Crypto Website Or A New Cryptocurrency To Help People During These Times. Open To Offers
  11. M

    .com Hot portfilio For your offers - womenboxer com

    -Bulk offers accepted -Single offers accepted -domains Push only to The same registrar - Payments: Paypal, Escrow, Wire Transfer, there is no domain under 10 month to exp dynadot ....... tuveux com smartphone-deals com womenboxer com gmcautos com itismyhouse com find-loan com...
  12. Portingo.com


    Dear Domain Investors, We are glad to inform you that the below assets are now up for sale on Portingo under Offer/BuyNow category: Premium Assets: • DRONE.CX –> OFFER $499 • BOLTS.ORG –> OFFER $499 Featured Assets: • MUSCAT.IO –> BUYNOW $1999 • WILDPROFIT.COM –>...
  13. Portingo.com

    short Offers needed for KOJJ.COM and SMUY.COM

    Dear Domain Investors, We are glad to inform you that the below assets are now up for sale on Portingo under Offer/BuyNow category: Premium Assets: • KOJJ.COM –> MINIMUM OFFER $499 • SMUY.COM –> MINIMUM OFFER $499 Visit website: www.portingo.com Here's 5 reasons why people love using...
  14. E

    appraise My Premium domains || Need your appraisals Hexprice.com

    AndKon.us DesignTempest.com GreekYears.com Hexprice.com Hi5America.com identityseattle.com inss.us iPpersonal.com ListNutrition.com NoveltyFamily.com Supp.us Timeischeap.com Vampmyth.com VolP.org VoteAmericaNow.com WordForWeb.com
  15. E

    appraise ownsup (owns up)

    Hi Guys. Can you kindly appraise the value of OwnsUp.com? Please. Thanks.
  16. nubuck

    offers PORNEX.COM (High Traffic) 751,013 Back Links Plus 12% CTR

    Pornex.com Since 2000 (Gets quite a bit of Traffic and has external Back links of of 751,013) screenshot below https://domainindex.com/domains/pornex.com Pornex.com Traffic from Aug 18th- Sept 3rd = 7500 visitors (Screenshot #766) I will include both Pornex.com and Pornex.org Pornex.com (...
  17. S

    fixed price Premium .com domains $250 each athertoncars.com belairweed.com englishweed.com

    Premium .com domains $250 each Can do a deal for multiple domains. PM me with the domains you'd like to buy, and we can take it from there amalfiresort.com athertoncars.com athertonflowers.com athertongallery.com athertonmansion.com athertonsupercars.com athertonvillas.com belairdoctor.com...
  18. nubuck

    auctions Copa.net and Emphyzema.com and Auctions

    We have Copa.net and Emphyzema.com in Namejet Auction Here is the link to list of Names https://www.namejet.com/featuredauctions/NameTrends PM Questions
  19. Mohit98

    fixed price BERM.CO Just- $25 (Estibot - $1200)

    BERM.CO (Generic one word) Registrar- Godaddy Expires- sept 2017 Transfer- Push (Godaddy only) Payment- Paypal Note- Chance to grab one word very cheap
  20. nubuck

    offers ERADICATION.COM (110,000 Exact Searches) !

    Eradication.com - Exact Match Domain -13 Years Old Since 2003 - High Estibot and $30,000 Domain Index - 110,000 Exact Searches Google Keyword Planner - 137,500 Exact Searches- domain index - 12.8 Million Google Search Results - Registered till 2017 -A Global Domain -All Major...
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