1. clasione

    NEWS Ad Revenue Down? Here’s the Latest Things That Could Be Affecting Your Revenue

    "NEW YORK – You might say that declining ad revenue is becoming a typical part of the business; if you feel like you are constantly trying to find new ways to build both revenue and traffic on your domains while increasing the number of channels and ad networks you rely on, you’re far from...
  2. DomainMagnate

    Buying established websites with revenue

    Buying established websites with revenue, at least $500 per month, budget $xxx,xxx Pm or fill here for details/ offer
  3. johnnywj

    ccTLD + many others

    If interested in any of the names, then just send me a PM with a offer, thanks. Have included stats for the names now, all names parked at ParkingCrew. Also included a BIN Price. BIN Prices will for the most go up after the names are more optimized and getting higher Traffic/Revenue etc. So...
  4. johnnywj

    .CO.UK Closed

  5. Bravo

    Offers Wanted BestChoiceInsurance,com | 18 years old, steady revenue

    BestChoiceInsurance,com Created in 1999 ~ 387.12 EUR 12 mo. parking revenue Accepting offers in $XXXX price range
  6. Bravo

    Fixed Price MarineTerrace,com | 14 years old | Steady traffic & revenue

    MarineTerrace,com Created in 2002 Traffic origin: United States 83.93 % Netherlands 7.14 % Germany 3.57 % Canada (en) 3.57 % America (South) 1.79 % Last 12 months: uniques 2,526, revenue 82.95 EUR BIN: $499
  7. S

    Developed Wanted sites with revenue

    Im looking to buy a couple of websites with revenue. Paying 10x monthly profit approx Preferably adsense, amazon or clickbank sites. Sorry not interested in forums or directorys
  8. A

    Traffic Domains with revenue wanted

    Look for traffic-revenue domains. pm me domain, traffic & revenue budget depending on domain $xx - $ xxxx misspells are ok Thanks
  9. kroc

    Wanted: Domains with Traffic Revenue

    Hi guys, I have a budget of $2,500 and will buy until the money is gone. I'm looking to buy a few domains with steady traffic revenue. Send me your names, traffic and revenue stats, and your asking price. I will reply if interested. Thanks
  10. tres - $11.55 Revenue @ SEDO

    Closed - early bird get the gold
  11. DomainMagnate

    Developed Large website with $3K+ per month in revenue for sale

    Large and well established website with user generated content for sale with over $3K per month in revenue. PM or contact via skype for details: DomainMagnate
  12. DomainMagnate $61.63 last month for sale, please make offers here or via pm. registered since 2011, free push at namecheap. (I don't really know anything about optimizing parking revenue, so if anyone has any tips to pm how to increase it, that will be appreciated!)...
  13. Bravo

    Offers Wanted MarineTerrace,com | 13 years old, steady traffic & revenue!

    MarineTerrace,com Created in 2002 115.84 EUR parking earnings (12 months) Accepting offers
  14. DomainMagnate

    Wtb: High Revenue Websites With Over $1k Per Month

    WTB: High revenue websites with over $1k per month Looking to buy all kinds of sites, except adult and warez. budget in $xxx,xxx pm or email details to ' michael at domain ' and post here so I know you sent it.
  15. DomainMagnate

    Auctions - Established Site With $50+ Revenue Per Month - Auction Ends Today - established site with $50+ revenue per month - auction ends today bid on flippa
  16. aishwin

    Revenue Domains $xx,xxx Budget, Typo And Generic Names Wanted

    I am looking to buy single domains or portfolios earning revenue off type-ins only. Typo domains or generic domains are fine. I have a budget in the low $XX,XXX range, that doesnt mean you can overcharge me, I pay reseller prices. Please read my criteria carefully: - $10/Month minimum/domain -...
  17. seotrader - Making 67$ A Month On Average - Very good backlinks - Parked domain - Stable profits - Quick transfer Please send me your offers
  18. DomainMagnate

    Auctions - $100 Per Month Passive Adsense Income Site

    Growing Hairstyle site with $116.54 last month revenue No reserve auction on flippa, passive income adsense site with stable revenue. Auction on flippa - currently at only $200 ..