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  1. S


    Thoughts Please? Thanks!! --- --- --- My domain portfolio:
  2. clasione

    NEWS sells for $225,000 through SedoMLS

    "The domain name has sold at Sedo for a staggering $225,000. Sedo confirmed the sale to Domain Name Wire. The sale took place through SedoMLS and it is the highest public sale to date through the MLS system." More on these details at
  3. R

    Auctions - @ SEDO auction

    Domain : Registration Date:2003 Expiration Date:2018 Auction Link : Domain : Registration Date:2005 Expiration Date:2018 Auction Link ...
  4. R

    Auctions @ SEDO auction

    Domain : Registration Date:2012-01-14 Expiration Date:2018-01-14 Auction link :
  5. Wot

    Auctions on Sedo auction Reserve met!

    Up to the minute technology with AR (Augmented Reality) Tracking for your phone,car,spouse,kids, just about anything.
  6. R

    Auctions MRFW.COM : On SEDO Auction NO RESERVE

    Domain : Registration Date:2005 Expiration Date:2018 Auction link :
  7. yougoldname

    Auctions auction at sedo no!!!
  8. R

    Auctions - - - - - On SEDO Auction NO RESERVE

    Domain : Registration Date: 2000-04-08 Expiration Date: 2018-04-08 Auction link : Domain : Registration Date: 2000-04-08 Expiration Date: 2018-04-08 Auction link ...
  9. X

    Auctions - Database ID - Sedo

    This great LLLL .net Domain is at auction with Sedo. (Database ID) Reserve is met Registered with Dynadot till 10 June 2018
  10. R

    Auctions - - - - -On SEDO Auction NO RESERVE

    Domain : 2003/2017+ Moniker Auction Link : Domain : 2000/2018+ Auction Link : Domain :
  11. Together

    Offers Wanted , 17 yr old, 5 letter, must b sold in 7 days.

    One of the most popular english names is on auction at Sedo. Check it out:
  12. R

    Auctions 147.FR - 903.FR - Sedo NO RESERVE auction

    Domain : 147.FR 2008/2018 Eurodns Free Push Auction Link : Domain : 903.FR 2008/2018 Eurodns Free Push Auction Link ...
  13. BostonDomainer

    Auctions Sedo NO RESERVE auction Sedo NO RESERVE auction. CLICK HERE Raising funds for a new project so placed this premium in auction. Good luck to all bidders. This auction ends today! About 7 hours left. Don't miss out on a premium
  14. clasione

    Fixed Price Over 200 Domains - 95% at Sedo Appraisal Tool Prices

    I just moved my domains back from Efty to Sedo as this is where the majority of sales look to be happening these days. About 95% of these domains are now listed at SEDO Appraised market value (what the tool indicates should be used for quicker sales). A few I prefer to hold onto or are live...
  15. aceeca

    NEWS .IN SEDO AUCTIONS -- Submission Period Started

    India is currently experiencing a boom within the domain name scene. To capitalize this ever-growing trend Sedo is hosting an auction of exclusive Premium .IN names June 6-13 with the submission period April 24-May 24. Here is the submission link.
  16. M

    Auctions in auction at Sedo
  17. N

    Auctions Over 100 Quality .coms on Auction at Sedo - Ends 9th March - 4pm uk time

    Our company is auctioning over 100 Quality .coms at Sedo - with low reserves and auction will finish on 9th March at 4pm UK time. There are some really nice domains in there and well worth visiting our special auction link above. Domains include -,
  18. Together

    4 Char or Less Offers

    Generic 4 letter one word domain on auction at Sedo now. Reserve is only $149 so drop in as you may end up getting this domain for a steal of a price.
  19. M

    Auctions @ Sedo GreatDomains

    MOBILEGAMING.DE auction ends in 3 hours
  20. R

    Auctions 7DR.COM - No Reserve @ SEDO

    Domain : 7DR.COM Creation Date: 2003 Expiration Date: 2017 Auction Link