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    Domain - Register : Expiry date :7/02/2021 Buy now : 899$ or INR:-68000 MOBILE NUMBER :- 8320974706 payment :- Bank transfer,NEFT
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    Offers Wanted Selling Domain Escorts PageRank 4 and other three domains in the same pack

    Unique opportunity, selling a domain of escorts with pagerank 4 Other three high quality ones. The deal is to buy the whole pack and Pay for escrow or similar. It's a unique opportunity. (pagerank 4 ur 14 Dr 49) (Ur 12 Dr 41) (ur 14 dr 43)...
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    selling domain through escrow

    Hello I have a domain registred at godaddy. someone is interested to buy it and he suggested to go through, he says it has %3 fee there anyone has experience selling through sedo? are they ok? what must i do, i first transfer my name to sedo and then they will do it? how does it work? i...