1. Furquan

    NEWS sold for $70k by @Riz M

    I saw today that @Riz sold the domain name for $70k That's a great sale.
  2. N

    .COM and 29 domains for sale, many 3 char

    7 day auction at $20 minimum. No Reserve.
  3. zpattern

    Closed This auction is closed - Visit for more auctions!
  4. zpattern

    Auctions Sold.Digital - Keyword Domain is currently on auction with NO RESERVE!

    Bid today on Sold.Digital today!
  5. yestome123

    4 Char or Less Offers spelling domains If you have interest in these domains, please post the offer to me or you can sent the email to me , .
  6. linkreach

    Sold domain years ago, buyer never finished transfer after payment

    Long story short, back in late 2005 I sold a domain I own on here. The buyer paid the money pretty quickly and we started the transfer process. Midway through the transfer process, the buyer seemed to just disappear. No replies to e-mail or anything like that. I still retain the domain but I...
  7. Bravo

    Fixed Price FitnessFit,com | 15 years sold

    FitnessFit,com Created in 2002 BIN $849
  8. Compassion

  9. SerAna

    Offers Wanted,,, trumphumper and

    There are prices on the inserted images please ignore those prices
  10. Domainator

    Fixed Price 2 domains sold together for $250.00 Q-Ak(.)com and...

    2 domains sold together for $250.00 .... PayPal OK from DNF trusted members
  11. Bravo

    Offers Wanted BalanceEnergy,com | 17 years old

    BalanceEnergy,com Created in 1999 Accepting offers
  12. lamhung2007

    Auctions [15+ years old | Similar sold $4,500] 3 days left -

    [15+ years old | Similar sold $4,500] 3 days left -

    Auctions ( sold for $2.6M in 2008) ( sold for $2.6M in 2008) Auction at Flippa Don't let this one go by you! Good Luck!
  14. R

    Offers Wanted sold $25,000 .

    Selling godaddy push . The domain sold for $25,000 in 2010 .
  15. Johnn

    NEWS Just sold a

    FYI, I just sold a for $1,400 on Afternic. I asked $2,000 they offer $1,300 and we agreed on $1,400
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