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  1. helmuc

    Livestream 8PM UK time > Sold! One of the biggest .co.uk Domain LLL Sales of this year | Sam (UK)

    One of the biggest 3letter (LLL) .co.uk domain name sales of this year has just been finalized. All about this sale, process, and findings: Sam Charles AKA Wizard (UK) + your live questions: Sam is a full-time UK domain investor with some of the best co.uk domains, known as @Wizard at acorn...
  2. Furquan

    news Newz.com sold for $70k by @Riz M

    I saw today that @Riz sold the domain name Newz.com for $70k That's a great sale.
  3. N

    .com 1yl.com and 29 domains for sale, many 3 char

    7 day auction at GoDaddy.com. $20 minimum. No Reserve. watch-movies.org pornosotros.com b3y.com w9t.com z6y.com x4t.com u9g.com u8l.com s8f.com h5e.com h6t.com b6w.com 9v7.com 2b7.com 8y9.com...
  4. CupidName.com

    closed This auction is closed - Visit CupidName.com for more auctions!

  5. CupidName.com

    auctions Sold.Digital - Keyword Domain is currently on auction with NO RESERVE!

    Bid today on Sold.Digital today! https://www.ebay.com/itm/273480629405?ul_noapp=true
  6. yestome123

    short spelling domains

    spcz.com yrcc.com pjfg.com ccpq.com xdbd.com rwzn.com gkdg.com rzff.com mcjg.com spxf.com kxfx.com krwg.com nnxc.com mxkx.com If you have interest in these domains, please post the offer to me or you can sent the email to me , 1833660010@qq.com .
  7. linkreach

    Sold domain years ago, buyer never finished transfer after payment

    Long story short, back in late 2005 I sold a domain I own on here. The buyer paid the money pretty quickly and we started the transfer process. Midway through the transfer process, the buyer seemed to just disappear. No replies to e-mail or anything like that. I still retain the domain but I...
  8. Bravo

    fixed price FitnessFit,com | 15 years sold

    FitnessFit,com Created in 2002 BIN $849
  9. Compassion

    auctions buildastrategy.com

  10. SerAna

    offers Grabbernator.com, lsoa.com, vawn.com, trumphumper and trumphumpers.com

    There are prices on the inserted images please ignore those prices
  11. Domainator

    fixed price 2 domains sold together for $250.00 Q-Ak(.)com and...

    2 domains sold together for $250.00 .... PayPal OK from DNF trusted members Q-AK.com Q-AZ.com
  12. Bravo

    offers BalanceEnergy,com | 17 years old

    BalanceEnergy,com Created in 1999 Accepting offers
  13. lamhung2007

    auctions [15+ years old | Similar sold $4,500] 3 days left - FastDiet.net

    [15+ years old | Similar sold $4,500] 3 days left - FastDiet.net https://flippa.com/6771886-fastdiet-net
  14. SmartNames.com.br

    auctions Pizzas.co (pizza.com sold for $2.6M in 2008)

    Pizzas.co (pizza.com sold for $2.6M in 2008) Auction at Flippa Don't let this one go by you! Good Luck!
  15. R

    offers MobileVegas.com sold $25,000 . MobileLasVegas.com

    Selling MobileLasVegas.com godaddy push . The domain MobileVegas.com sold for $25,000 in 2010 .
  16. Johnn

    news Just sold a LLLL.net

    FYI, I just sold a LLLL.net for $1,400 on Afternic. I asked $2,000 they offer $1,300 and we agreed on $1,400
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