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    Looking for advice to choose a US broker. Millions deal

    Hello, this post its to look for advice to choose the right broker to work with us to call and deal with potential customer. Please recommend the right guy to handle this business My name is Jose and with my partner have about 200 domain names some of then registered more than 15 years ago...

    Fixed Price (Ground in spanish) BIN $150 (aged 2002)

    1 keyword domain for the real state spanish market 63M search results in Google. Creation Date: 2002-05-28T18:40:08Z Expiry Date: 2016-05-28T18:40:08Z Godaddy Free Push / Transfer Paypal / Credit Card Enjoy!
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    Offers Wanted (3) .ES Domains., &

    (3) .ES Domains., & Entertaining Offers.