1. crang

    Fixed Price -

  2. Charles Sweeney

    Developed - UK Car tax bands - 12,000 visits per month

    Site: 12,000 unique visits a month 21,000 total visits a month 55,000 page views a month 56,000 pages on Google Highest quality traffic Very low maintenance Very low running costs Completely custom coded Coded for desktop or mobile Popular service...

    NEWS The EU Just Proposed Some Of The Worst Link Tax Laws In The World!

    The EU Commission has officially released some of the worst copyright laws in the world, including unprecedented new Link Tax powers for publishing giants. Earlier today, the Commission presented these new rules to the world. Over the past few weeks, leaks suggested the rules were worse than...
  4. D,,

    What are your views on these domains? How should i price them? I am really a beginner in this. Thanks.
  5. Bravo

    Offers Wanted Multax,com | 16 years old

    Multax,com Created in 1999 Accepting offers
  6. D

    Is direct navigation income royalties or business profits?

    I was wondering if anyone knows if income from direct navigation (type-in traffic) is considered a royalty income on a domain asset or business profits? In some cases, using DNS, there is no website, only a redirection record to an affiliate program or search engine. I looked up the OECD...
  7. helmuc - Estibot Value: $580 Usd

    Hi, TaxableYear(dot)com is open for offers :) Domain details: registered at GoDaddy Expires: 12/16/2015 EstiBot Value: $580 USD - Please post a comment here to make an offer - will...
  8. Candomain

    ccTLD Audits (dot) Ca - Huge Market, Lead Gen, Etc.

    Audits (dot) ca - Great generic term for the Canadian accounting/tax industry. Huge potential for lead gen site or standalone accounting site or tax site. PM serious offers. Financing available with 0% interest with 25% down.