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    external TechKinds.com - Premium Domain Name For Sale ...

    TechKinds.com - Premium Domain Name . - Suitable for Technology Sections . - Real Two Words . - 9 Characters Only . Registered with : Dynadot Renewal Price : 8.99 / year Renewal Date : 29 / Mar / 2022 Payment Options : Paypal Available Also For Sale on : Sedo - Dan - Go Daddy...
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    .com NovoSpin.com The perfect name for a Tech Company

    Hi Everyone, I have NovoSpin.com for sale. It's a modern and professional name for a Tech Startup. It conveys the sentiment of Innovation. Price: 1000 USD Registered on NameCheap a few days ago. Renewal date: March 2021 Payments possibilities: Paypal, Escrow, Wire Transfer.
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    Future tech domains .com only wanted

    looking for future tech domains, not registered yesterday and must be .com Budget $5,000 Looking for reseller prices. PM me. Thanks
  4. StrategyNaming.com

    offers GeneEditing.com + GenomeScanners.com

    Visit StrategyNaming.com for some great future-tech branding ideas!
  5. StrategyNaming.com

    offers 'Wearables' domains for sale! - StatBands.com , ExoSuits.com + more!

    Visit: StrategyNaming.com for a great selection of tech, and future-tech themed .com domains.
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    offers Numerous 'charging' themed tech domains for sale. ChargingPods.com , MagneticCharging.com + more!

    We love tech, future-tech and charging themed .com domains. To view our portfolio of brandable tech names, visit StrategyNaming.com
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    offers Portfolio of 'holo' .com's including HoloMe.com HoloLove.com and more

    Visit StrategyNaming.com/tech.html to view a great selection of 'holo' themed .com domains for sale. Taking offers on: HoloAdvertise.com HoloAlbum.com HoloAvatar(s).com HoloCinemas.com HoloConference.com HoloDecal(s).com HoloEmitter(s).com HoloFloors.com HoloFriends.com...
  8. StrategyNaming.com

    offers HoloMe.com

    3DMe.com sold for $6,000 in April, 2014 HoloMe.com is an awesome opportunity for a company to produce personalized holographic images and avatars. Visit StrategyNaming.com to view a huge selection of holographic tech themed domain names. "Bringing Business Naming and Branding to Life"...
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    offers MobilCharge.com | and other "charging themed domains for sale!

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    offers VeinTech.com | and other 'tech' .com domains for sale

    Visit StrategyNaming.com/tech.html to view a huge selection of 'tech' themed .com's for sale. "Bringing Business Naming and Branding to Life" Strategy Naming
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