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  1. zpattern

    Auctions - 4 Letter Domain Name *NO RESERVE* Top Level Domain LLLL .com

    Bid today on this valuable domain name: Expires: August 18, 2019 NO RESERVE If you are looking for an investment, startup a company, brand your organization, build a blog or just add traffic to your existing website this domain name is right...
  2. clasione

    NEWS Highlights from the DomainWire Global TLD Stat Report Q4/2017

    "Although domain volume is not necessarily a measure of success, for many TLDs that sell to the general public, it is a strong indication of demand and can even impact viability of a Registry. In the case of gTLDs, most global demand is directed to .com, which covers roughly 70% of al gTLDs – a...
  3. G

    NEWS New Japanese .com TLD (.コム) Now A Top 100 TLD!

    The new Japanese .com TLD (.コム) is now joins the Top 100 TLD List. Today, after over 8,000 registrations, .コム, is now at #97 on the TLD Total Registrtation List. (Total registrations are currently at 22980). The next milestone for .コム in breaking into the TLD Top 50 List. .....stay tuned
  4. G

    NEWS New Japanese TLD (.コム) Passes 10K Registrations - TLD Now Ranked #175

    The new Japanese TLD (.コム) has passed the 10K mark for new domain registrations. Domain registrations have continued to spike upward for .コム, the Japanese transliteration for '.com'. This past week, .コム has consistently ranked in the 'Daily Top 20 TLD list' for new registrations...
  5. G

    NEWS New Japanese TLD (コム) Registrations Surge - TLD Now Ranked #195

    After a much slower than expected start following the May 15th 2016 General Availability release date, registrations for Versign's new Japanese TLD (コム) have started to surge recently. Today the TLD Ranked #18 in new registrations, and the overall the TLD has climbed into the top 200 in total...
  6. G

    NEWS New Japanese TLD .コム (alias for .com) passes 5K New Registrations

    The new Japanese TLD .コム which opened for General Availability on Monday, June 13th, 2016, has passed the 5,000 mark for new registrations. The top three Registrars to date: Dynadot, LLC 1,711 33.0 % GMO Internet Inc. 1,629 31.4 % eNom, Inc. 1,083 20.9 % To view daily...
  7. Lowe's Online Operations

    Fixed Price and more ending soon on GoDaddy auction- see list 17H 21M 17H 21M 17H 21M 17H 21M 17H 21M 17H 21M 17H 21M 17H 21M 17H 21M 17H 21M 17H 21M 17H 21M 17H 21M
  8. Lowe's Online Operations

    Fixed Price Offers? Huge List
  9. Lowe's Online Operations

    Fixed Price and tons more.....make offers please

    Please make offers!
  10. Together

    4 Char or Less Offers reserve met at Sedo

    Less than 4 days to go before this strong 4 letter domain has a new owner. With hundreds of new TLDs coming online yearly, this may be one of the single strongest domains for all things Top Level Domain related. The reserve was met at $800 but it is anticipated this domain will fetch 4 if not 5...
  11. Kazzia

    Sold in 2008 for $9500. Offers being accepted. Brokers welcomed (20%)
  12. bergomi

    Most Popular Tlds In China

    What are the most popular TLDs in China. If you had a premium SLD, how would the top 5 TLD rank be in terms of popularity and value? 1. COM 2. CN 3. ? 4. ? 5. ? How popular are ORGs and NETs in China?
  13. JDomains123

    Food Domain Appraisal

    please assist me.
  14. JDomains123

    Tld Domains

    Can i please have a appraisal for these domains?
  15. JDomains123

    Wiki Domains. Are They Valuable

    I own hundreds of high quality wiki domains however is this tld valuable?
  16. V

    Auctions - Similar To Tld Domain Name @flippa

    Hello Everybody! The domain name CO.KI ( is for sale: It looks similar to TLDs e.g. .CO.UK, .CO.IN, .CO.NZ, etc. so that the owner of this domain automatically owns: - - - -...