1. zpattern

    Closed Expires: May 10, 2020 GoDaddy Estimated Value: $1,433 Comparable Domain Name Sales: $2,120 $2,000 $1,500 $1,200 $600 $500 >>>>> Registrar: This domain will only be pushed into your Dynadot account. <<<<< NO...
  2. zpattern

    Sold - Brandable Two Word .com Domain Name *NO RESERVE* Expires: February 3, 2020 GoDaddy Appraisal: $1,545 Registrar: Will only be pushed into your NameSilo account. NO RESERVE If you are looking for an investment, startup a company, brand your organization, build a blog or just add traffic...
  3. nubuck

    Offers Wanted Short one word (High Estibot ) Domains for Under $ 990 (Best offer) - ,

    Make offer on these names (Please send your best offers) above $400 (Estibot $18,000) (Estibot $25,000) (Estibot $14,000) (Estibot $14,000)
  4. clasione

    NEWS Ad Revenue Down? Here’s the Latest Things That Could Be Affecting Your Revenue

    "NEW YORK – You might say that declining ad revenue is becoming a typical part of the business; if you feel like you are constantly trying to find new ways to build both revenue and traffic on your domains while increasing the number of channels and ad networks you rely on, you’re far from...
  5. johnnywj

    ccTLD + many others

    If interested in any of the names, then just send me a PM with a offer, thanks. Have included stats for the names now, all names parked at ParkingCrew. Also included a BIN Price. BIN Prices will for the most go up after the names are more optimized and getting higher Traffic/Revenue etc. So...
  6. shangliang

    Offers Wanted -14 years old and have great traffic Registered in 2004,Vporno=VR+Adult. 100-200 IP/day. Asking price around $5000,go or sedo escrow. Thank you.
  7. shangliang -14 years old and have great traffic Registered in 2004,Vporno=VR+Adult. 100-200 IP/day. Asking price around $5000.go or sedo escrow. Thank you.
  8. nubuck

    Offers Wanted PULSATING.COM (PR3 Traffic Name) PR 3 Rank (Name gets Good Traffic) Dec. 10th- Feb 4th =2,096 Visitors - Exact Match Domain - Estibot $13,000 -One Word Premium dot com -17 Years Old Since 2001 -20 Million Google Search Results -A Global Domain Average Monthly...
  9. Bravo

    Fixed Price MarineTerrace,com | 14 years old | Steady traffic & revenue

    MarineTerrace,com Created in 2002 Traffic origin: United States 83.93 % Netherlands 7.14 % Germany 3.57 % Canada (en) 3.57 % America (South) 1.79 % Last 12 months: uniques 2,526, revenue 82.95 EUR BIN: $499
  10. S

    Developed Script by AA Team Not Reporting Affiliate Traffic for

    I purchased a script on Envato to run my stores, I have had success with Fresh Store Builder, but thought it would be easier to manage my stores within Wordpress as a multisite. I purchased the Woozone Amazon Affiliate Buncle, and it worked beautifully. But I noticed NONE of my...
  11. P

    Wanted: Traffic domain with parking revenues

    Hello to all Looking for domain with revenues from parking (at least 5$ per month) Budget 3000$, could be more for great names but still below 10k USD Submit your domain via PM only keeping in mind these conditions: No Trade Marked domains No Typo of TM No IDN No Websites if the...
  12. A

    Traffic Domains with revenue wanted

    Look for traffic-revenue domains. pm me domain, traffic & revenue budget depending on domain $xx - $ xxxx misspells are ok Thanks
  13. HelenN

    [WTB] Needing banner ads on high traffic sites

    Hi, I am wanting to buy banner ads on high traffic sites. Do you have any good sites to offer? Please PM me your links and price Thanks Helen
  14. kroc

    Wanted: Domains with Traffic Revenue

    Hi guys, I have a budget of $2,500 and will buy until the money is gone. I'm looking to buy a few domains with steady traffic revenue. Send me your names, traffic and revenue stats, and your asking price. I will reply if interested. Thanks
  15. nubuck

    Offers Wanted (PR 3 Rank) High Traffic PR 3 Rank Receives very good Type-in traffic plus increase in clicks There are thousands of Land Mark Restaurant Restaurants in the USA, Canada and Europe Many customers type-in this term and land on our Parking page Traffic from May 27th- Aug 18th = 2,702 visitors...
  16. R

    Fixed Price awesomepennystocks(dot)com - traffic domain

    Domain: awesomepennystocks(.)com Price: $5k Sale via
  17. namesdencom

    NEWS traffic stats added to domain for sale listings

    FYI domain buyers sellers investors. WE have added a graphic link to traffic stats for domains listed for sale. if you list domains and have verifiable traffic stats from up to 1 year we will update the listing for you to reflect that traffic.
  18. nubuck

    Offers Wanted (traffic) (Logo Included) This represents a great investment or development opportunity for the right buyer Domain Traffic: - Exact Match Domain -Aged dot com - High Estibot - High Exact Searches -A Global Domain -All Major...
  19. namesdencom

    Offers Wanted 14 year old exact match domain with traffic for sale

    holiday music is big business also a use for EU Holiday vacation savings CD