1. T Godaddy Appraisal value over $5000 Registar : dynadot push to dynadot payment escrow, skrill, bank transfer
  2. clasione

    cctld Super Deal - Generic Single Commercial Term :

    Just renewed, Expires April 2019 First $950 Takes it. PayPal OK for long time DNFers Estibot: $4,400!!

    Best parking service for domain names with UK traffic?

    Which domain name parking service would you recommend please? Our domain names attract mainly UK traffic in the travel and finance verticals. We've been trialling Sedo again, and, as per our previous experiences, earnings are only one third of other parking providers. Thanks very much!
  4. P

    offers - UK Science / Technology - UK Science / Technology news Registrar: Moniker

    World's First Digital Agency / Domainer Celebrates 20th Anniversary With Surprise Announcement!

    Award-winning digital advertising agency and domain name trader Azam Marketing is celebrating its momentous twenty year anniversary this month with twenty philanthropic donations. Since its founding in the embryonic days of the world wide web on 4 August 1997, Azam Marketing has grown into one...
  6. N

    auctions Over 100 Quality .coms on Auction at Sedo - Ends 9th March - 4pm uk time

    Our company is auctioning over 100 Quality .coms at Sedo - with low reserves and auction will finish on 9th March at 4pm UK time. There are some really nice domains in there and well worth visiting our special auction link above. Domains include -,
  7. Charles Sweeney

    developed - UK Car tax bands - 12,000 visits per month

    Site: 12,000 unique visits a month 21,000 total visits a month 55,000 page views a month 56,000 pages on Google Highest quality traffic Very low maintenance Very low running costs Completely custom coded Coded for desktop or mobile Popular service...
  8. E

    appraise tinker.[co].[uk] - value?

    I may be looking to sell the domain tinker.[co].[uk] with rights to tinker.[uk]. The domain is a dictionary word and brandable. Does anyone know what I should expect for it? If anyone has any recommendations on how best to promote it for sale, that would be great. I have used Sedo previously...
  9. E

    appraise horizon.[co].[uk] - value?

    Hi, I own the domain horizon.[co].[uk] and also horizon.[uk]. Does anyone have any idea as to how much they're worth? I have been offered £4000 for the previously which I declined. Thank you
  10. E


    Domain at Godaddy Interested to sell it, i had a project that i'm not interested to pursue anymore.
  11. E

    auctions auction at GoDaddy @ Godaddy 6D 10H left
  12. clasione - HUGE Development Potential for UK, United Kingdom, London, England

    One of the most exciting new creative and residential quarters in Europe's #1 capital. Once a largely industrial area, the island is currently going through a major regeneration. The local planning authority intends to see it developed as a mixed-use community with further land used for housing...
  13. davidnyang


    BIN $1,000 for sale on But if you send me a message to make a deal without the third party, you will take a 15%off discount.
  14. Domainator

    Two Unique 4 Character Domains Sold As A Pair

    Two Unique 4 Character Domains Sold as a Pair: (Pronounceable!) Lets start the bidding at $140 for the pair.... Will have a fresh 1 year renewal on each.
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