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May 17, 2004
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0 recieves over 2000 unique visitors on an average day. I'd like to open up advertising options to everyone, so to start, I've made a text link section at the top right of the front page (

You get unlimited impressions for 31 days, and you link is in order of the date in which you purchased your link. First ordered is at the top.

Login panel allows you to change your link text and url. You can also view how many times the link has been displayed from the member area.

You can view stats and more information at
Ordering is also done from that page. Using IPN, your link is instantly added to the front page and login information is emailed to you.

Price: $10 for 31 days unlimited impressions
Order from the ordering page, do not PM me unless you have questions.

Please note: When ordering, "Quantity" will be used for number of months, NOT number of links.
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